SUMMIT COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) – After trying to work out a compromise for 3 years, Denver Water is now allowing drivers to use Dillion Dam Road around the clock.

The road is one of only three that connects the east and west sides of Summit County. It was previously closed between Frisco and Dillion at night because of safety reasons.

Denver Water paid $1.2 million for new security guard stations on each side of the dam. There were other safety features as well.

The county says opening the road around the clock was crucial to increase access for visitors, residents and emergency responders.

“Frequently in the winter Interstate 70 is closed due to traffic problems or weather problems, so that got us down to one access road, which is Swan Mountain Road; and for those of you who have driven that in a snowstorm, it can be a challenge,” Summit County assistant county manager Thad Noll said.

The security guards also have the authority to deny access if they choose to do so.