DENVER (CBS4) – Homeowners are still cleaning up the mess made by trees that snapped under the heavy snow from last week’s snowstorm. Some cities are now offering special services to help people get rid of the branches this weekend.

“This one was pretty bad,” Pat Lawson said.

The storm assaulted Lawson’s cottonwood trees. It took days to get the severed limbs together, but he still has more work ahead.

“These trees are huge. I’ll be raking leaves for another month,” he said.

Some homeowners had to use full trailers to dump their debris.

Not only did the storm hit before the first frost, it came before most leaves could even start to change colors.

PHOTO GALLERY: October 2011 Snowstorm

“A lot of its green, so it’s going to be heavier,” a homeowner said. “I probably have about five or six tons of branches to move.”

Branches fell harder than the snow. It was a storm punctuated with the cracking and popping of wood. By Sunday those branches will pile high. There could be hundreds of tons of limbs in hauled away to lots.

“We’re anticipating a lot of people to have a lot of broken branches and bringing them to the free site,” Christine Downs with Denver Public works said.

The branches won’t go to waste. They will be made into mulch for the spring planting season.

To learn more about where to take fallen branches, read the story: Storm Cleanup Means Big Piles Of Broken Branches


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