DENVER (CBS4) – There’s a new Internet craze out this week started by a group of Bronco fans called “Tebowing.”

It’s sort of like “planking” or “stocking” but in this case you genuflect in your photo, just like Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow does after every game. Tebow can usually be seen getting down on one knee with his fist to his forehead praying after the clock winds down, as he did during the Broncos crazy comeback win over the Miami Dolphins last Sunday.

The new craze was invented by Jared Kleinstein, a New York resident and native Denverite. He’s behind the new website Kleinstein said that in a matter of days the website went viral and just had more than half a million visitors in a single day.

“At no point in my life did I think I’d convince the whole country to start posing in one position,” Kleinstein told CBS4.

Tebow first tweeted on Thursday night that he loves this Tebowing business and then talked about it enthusiastically in the locker room with reporters on Friday. (Full Story)

On Thursday night during the Colorado Rapids win in their first MLS playoff game there was a Tebowing sighting:

10 27 11 rapids 3281 Tebowing Becomes An Internet Sensation

Colorado Rapids forward Omar Cummings pays tribute to the latest Tim Tebow craze with his version of Tebowing after scoring on Thursday night during the Rapids 1-0 win over Columbus. (credit: Garrett Ellwood/Colorado Rapids)

Even his teammate Broncos rookie defenseman Von Miller got in on the act:

von miller Tebowing Becomes An Internet Sensation

There are now even different variations of Tebowing. This one posted on is called Skibowing:

skibowing Tebowing Becomes An Internet Sensation

Here’s Treebowing (also from

treebowing Tebowing Becomes An Internet Sensation

This one comes from South Korea. (Yeah, it has gone global!):

tebowing Tebowing Becomes An Internet Sensation

But it doesn’t end there. Tebow is also featured in a Taiwanese cartoon. They’ve got him throwing right handed (Oops!). They also have him spearing a dolphin.

tebow4 Tebowing Becomes An Internet Sensation

But the ultimate honor came Wednesday night when Tebow Mania invaded South Park.

Comments (7)
  1. Peyton Rae Palomino says: – love us some TEBOW!!!!

    He’s our “HE-ROW”.


  2. Shaupeen says:

    They used to call that praying.

  3. Daedman Walking says:

    well, with people driving around texting and talking while not paying attention to the road, im not surprised at the depth of idiocy. I dont claim ta be Christian, but even i remember that the bible he claims to read and follow says not to say your prayers in public, As the hypocrytes do …… so its nothin but the American idol mentallity and goes to prove people are sheep who will follow anyone.

  4. Deadman Walking says:

    Heres the scripture ….. just so im not blamed for mis quoting …. Mathew 6:5“And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by men…… I tell you the truth, they have received their reward in full…..

  5. Lee Anne Abelseth-Gottmann says:

    Please don’t “MOCK” the man… he is a true believer.
    I enjoy very much the renewed faith he has brought back, public display of prayer has been hidden way to long…Please welcome it!

  6. StryperKen says:

    Leave the man’s faith ALONE! I don’t care if you like it or not, he’s going to continue to do it. Look away, or join him, your choice. Grow up people, this ISN’T funny.

  7. Denise Jordan says:

    at least he knows who gave him his talent and gives thanks . can’t we pick on something else other than good..How about lets be positive and thankful for everything the lord gives us. that is what tebow does.

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