ROCKY MOUNTAIN NATIONAL PARK, Colo. (CBS4) – Doctors are checking out a hiker who was rescued from Rocky Mountain National Park. He was lost during this week’s winter storm and survived single digit temperatures overnight.

Andrew Lund of Branson, Missouri used his cell phone Wednesday morning to call for help and let searchers know he was lost. But it took more than 24 hours to find him.

Lund, 22, was rushed to Estes Park Medical Center where he’s reportedly in good condition.

He set out to camp Tuesday night with only a sleeping bag and a tarp. Lund ended up spending a second night lost, snowed in, wet and freezing cold.

“He was indicating that he was very cold, very wet. He was in jeans and a camouflage jacket with a stocking hat and that his gloves were all wet. And so, we knew he was really cold and wet and had no water left,” said Patterson. “He indicated he was huddled under some large boulders.”

The search began Wednesday after Lund called to say he was taking shelter under a large boulder. There were more than 18 inches of snow on the ground with temperatures hovering around 5 degrees.

hiker rescued map Search Crews Find Man In Rocky Mtn. National Park

(credit: CBS)

Park spokeswoman Kyle Patterson said rangers were able to make hourly cell phone contact with Lund through Wednesday afternoon but then were unable to reach him again.

Rangers found Lund late Thursday morning. He had told rescuers he thought he was near Lake Haiyaha, but searchers found him yelling for help, in a completely different drainage on the west side of Emerald Lake.


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