Entreprenuer Strives To Sort out Real Deals

Written by Brooke Wagner

In the last year, bargain hunters have watched online daily deal and group coupon sites explode in number. Many of us now wake up to an inbox packed with deals every day. It can be overwhelming, to say the least! Limor Elkayam thought so, too. So, she transitioned from a news website to create dealery.com an aggregate website that just came to Denver.

I interviewed Limor the other day via Skype. She told me you can simply check Dealery’s Denver page daily, rather than go from page to page or subscribing to dozens of sites. She says she expects to see lots of holiday deals coming soon. I also asked Limor about the pitfalls of group couponing. She said the top two things to consider are expiration date and what you really need, before you buy.

We’re heading into the holidays –- how’s your holiday shopping? We reported the other day on CBS4 News that Walmart plans to undercut other big retailers on toy prices for the hot buys of the season.

I checked (mostly for Lego, I admit) and I did see a few deals, but I expect the real holiday bargains are yet to come.

Toys R Us has been running weekly deals with freebies on names like Lego, Playmobil, Fisher-Price, and other toys, as have U.S. Toy and Target. I’ll have more on this soon. In the meantime, be aware that Walmart has a new shipping policy on many of its items.

“Home Free” is its new service. It works kind of like Amazon Super Saver Shipping. If you spend $45 on qualifying items, you get free shipping. This seems to have replaced the 97 cent shipping on thousands of items.

Speaking of Amazon, you may have noticed the site’s prices fluctuate. I’ve seen Amazon changing toy prices to compete with big box stores.

One trick I use: I fill my “save for later” cart with items I’d like to watch. Then, every time I log on and check my cart, Amazon tells me about any price differences on items I’m interesting in buying. I think it’s pretty nifty.

Lots more to come on holiday shopping – please let me know your tips! And, don’t forget, December 16 is Free Shipping Day for thousands of online retailers!

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    I think that’s where it is going to. Deals need to be more targeted by demographic because you can’t just hit every crowd. Daily deals do bring in a lot of new business for local places.

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