DENVER (CBS4)- A father and his daughter are working together to overcome diabetes.

Annika Reeder-Holman was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in Spring 2010. Her father, Dave Reeder, was diagnosed just 17 days later. Now they are battling the lifelong disease together.

“I think at times when my blood sugar is high it’s harder to focus. You feel kind of a little discombobulated,” said Dave.

“It’s really hard to have it and once you get used to it, you’ll be just like a normal kid,” said Annika.

They both test their blood sugar 8 to 12 times a day. Annika wears an insulin pump. Dave gives himself as many as six shots.

They both watch their diets, counting carbohydrates to know how much insulin to take.

Annika, 7, being a second grader, is careful when it comes to sweets.

“I can’t have normal pure sugar. It just affects my blood sugar,” she said.

“I call it a constant game of ping pong where you always want to keep your blood sugars in a certain range and you don’t want to go too high and you don’t want to go too low,” said Dave.

Annika plays soccer and other sports. Dave’s diagnosis got him exercising.

“The irony is I’m as healthy as I’ve ever been.” he said.

The pair will be part of “Team Annika” at this year’s Step Out: Walk To Stop Diabetes on Oct. 22. CBS4 is a proud sponsor of the walk, which takes place at the Denver Aquarium.

They are hoping for the day when they won’t be walking and talking about their challenges, but celebrating a cure.

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