KEENESBURG, Colo. (CBS4)- The news of the wild animals on the loose in Ohio spread quickly to the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keenesburg.

The owners said at their facility two fences separate the wild animals from the outside world, but even if the fences weren’t there the animals likely wouldn’t go too far because they know this is where their food is.

Even with wild animals on the loose, caretaker Pat Craig doesn’t feel the public is in any immediate danger.

“Their pens are their territory. So when they let those guys out of their pens this morning, or whenever he did it, last night, they were actually scared to step out of those pens and actually go,” said Craig.

Craig cares for dozens of wild animals at his sanctuary, everything from tigers, wolves, leopards and bears.

While the reason behind the Ohio incident is unclear, he’s found it’s easy for wild animals to fall into the wrong hands in that state.

“Ohio is one of the worst states. They have wild animal auctions, even today, where you can go in and buy a rhinosaurus or an elephant or a tiger. The average person can walk out with whatever,” said Craig.

The Wild Animal Sanctuary has several animals rescued from Ohio. It’s possible the sanctuary could receive some of the animals recently let loose there.

“We’ve made preliminary calls. Any time something like this hits national news, tons of people come in and then you almost end up with too many cooks in the kitchen,” said Craig.

The process could take as little as 24 hours, but could cost thousands of dollars.

Either way, Craig wants to see the rescued animals fall into the right hands.

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  1. Free to speak says:

    The animals paid the price of their owners mistake…he was in need of mental help, if people said it was not a surprise then why did’nt anyone say anything, talking when its too late. There was NO need to kill the animals, they were prob scared of everything. Its a dirty shame that the human animals killed the animals…it only goes to show how blood thirsty humans can be. If the police were trying to get attention to do what they thought was right, they got the attention alright of doing something they sure did, in the wrong way…BE CAREFUL OF GOING TO OHIO, YOU WILL GET SHOT. If the animals could talk they prob would of said they were scared and confused as to why they were let out into this world with humans that had guns… they prob would of said I am now homeless and need help. Help me. The Ohio police are disgusting humans.

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