Written by Money Saver Suzanne McCarroll
DENVER (CBS4) – So what do most of us do with our old phones, iPods, Xbox games and laptops? Gazelle is one of many companies offering to buy back unloved and unwanted electronics.

The website says the service kept 300 tons out of landfills last year. It also puts cash into the wallets of consumers.

CBS4 employee John Montgomery gathered his children’s old phones and cameras together to send to gazelle to see what happened.

“This is a collection of old phones we’ve had. If I can take the used phones they have and turn it into allowance money, it’s worth it” Montgomery said.

Phone after phone got dumped into the box and was sent off to Gazelle.

“I’m surprised what some of these things are worth,” Montgomery said.

The site will estimate what an item is worth. For instance, a Sony used Handycam in good condition will bring $62. Gazelle will also say if an item isn’t worth anything.

Earn cash for old projectors, MP3 players, LCD monitors, gaming consoles.

You won’t get rich, but you will clear out your closets, help the environment, and make some easy cash while doing so.

LINK: www.gazelle.com

Comments (2)
  1. brian says:

    I found a local company that does this, you don’t have to mail them in.

  2. David Lee says:

    I found a one which offer better price and more product portfolio than gazelle.com.

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