DENVER (CBS4) – Former Denver Broncos wide receiver Ed McCaffrey was the special guest on CBS4’s Xfinity Monday Live! and of course one of the main topics of the show was Tim Tebow.

McCaffrey gave what he thought were fair expectations for Tebow making his first start under new head coach John Fox.

“It’s going to be a big party in Miami, man. There are going to be more Denver fans than Miami Dolphin fans,” McCaffrey laughed, pointing out Tebow played for the Florida Gators. “I predict a big Bronco victory in his first game and a lot of Tebow jerseys in the stands.”

CBS4’s Vic Lombardi wondered how much the Broncos’ offense will change with the switch to Tebow.

“You can’t change the whole offense in two weeks, but you can definitely call plays that cater to his skill set. So I wouldn’t be surprised to see him run a little bit and have a couple of tweaks here and there in the offense,” McCaffrey said. “(There will) probably be more passes to the tight ends and the running backs out of the backfield.

“They’re going to try to put him in a position to win with the offense that they have and a few different additions.”

McCaffrey said he didn’t think the loss of wide receiver Brandon Lloyd, who was traded to the St. Louis Rams, would hurt Tebow too much if Demaryius Thomas and Eddie Royal are healthy.

“(Eric) Deckers has proven to be a great receiver and Demaryius is a huge talent if he can play and Eddie Royal helps if he can play; Matthew Willis has played well this year,” he said. “He has a lot of receivers to go to if the tight ends come back who are healthy and throwing to the backs out of the backfield; he’ll have a lot of weapons.”

It’s not the first time McCaffrey has seen a quarterback controversy. Back in his day — in 1999 — John Elway had retired and Bubby Brister landed the job. But lo-and-behold right after the preseason Brian Griese was named the starting quarterback. Former head coach Mike Shanahan now admits that it was a mistake.

“I was with Bubby and Bubby got along great with Brian, but he was really upset about it … it was tough for Bubby as a veteran quarterback he thought he earned the job. I really respect him for the way he handled it after he settled down. He got along with Brian and the team and continued to put forth his best effort.”

McCaffrey said he believes that same goes for Tebow and Kyle Orton.

“Those guys are professionals. They’ve handled it well and they continue to compete and contribute and hopefully are good guys in the locker room.”

The Broncos travel to Miami to take on the Dolphins on Sunday. Kickoff is at 11 a.m. on CBS4.

Watch more of the video with McCaffrey in the Xfinity Monday Live! section.


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