DENVER (CBS4) – State and city leaders are adding up the cost of all the added security needed for the Occupy Denver protests.

Several dozen people were still manning the streets around Civic Center Park on Monday. They blame corporate greed for the nation’s economic problems.

Nearly 50 people have been arrested since Friday. Most of them were arrested for refusing to leave the park after it was closed.

PHOTO GALLERY: Occupy Denver

Eight anti-Wall Street protesters challenging Colorado Springs’ no camping ordinance were issued written warnings.

Most protesters in Denver and Colorado Springs have been avoiding arrests by not setting up tents in the city parks. Protesters in Denver have been avoiding the no-camping ban by sleeping on the sidewalk. Protesters in Colorado Springs have been sleeping in shifts, but not using tents.

Denver police and the Colorado State Patrol say they could know the cost of keeping the peace by the end of the week.

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  1. Circe says:

    Se we can pay a trillion dollars to bring freedom to Iraq, but freedom of speech in Denver is just too costly to allow? I don’t accept that argument and neither should anyone else.

  2. Remove the Trash says:

    These government teat suckers are too blind to see that they are the reason the USA is bankrupt. These idiots are among the 47% of non-federal tax payers.

    Somehow or another these math-challenged trashpots think that they’re among the 99% of taxpayers left over when you take the top 1% aside as scapegoats for the problems caused by the gullibility of those who sold their votes for the promises of irresponsible politicians.

    Remember, people: Obama just said these are “his people” and fully endorsed the protests.

    1. kcm2 says:

      Those who fall within the “47%” pay sales tax, car registration fees, possibly property taxes.

      Those who are not paying taxes are primarily elderly poor people, disabled, some full-time students, and some people who lost their livelihood after 2008.Should these people be financing airports and armies? No. The people who fly from house to house every season, the privately owned industries that garner Government contracts can contribute for the use of the country that created their wealth.

  3. kcm2 says:

    Denver leaders are “adding up the cost”. They chose to incur this SPENDING, it wasn’t a ” cost” of doing anything necessary. 70 officers were hardly needed to remove 23 protestors for camping. Citations to appear in court would have been more in keeping with the level of disruption.

    I went to the library Sunday. The Police were taking up all of the parking on 14th street. I counted 7 vans. There were two cruisers parked on the grass at Lincoln Park (causing more damage than a tent.) and two police dogs and their handlers.

    It was a beautiful day. There were less than a hundred protestors, and the police looked like they were very much enjoying the weather and the double-time pay.

    I also find the timing of this action curious, since a federal judge found Denver police guilty of 96 unlawful arrests at the 2008 Democratic convention. This decision was announced Weds. and the police acted Thursday night/Friday morning.Perhaps the Governor had been waiting to find out how much his overreaction cost before he went off and overreacted again.

  4. kcm2 says:

    Your link is to a protest in Portland Oregon.

  5. kcm2 says:

    Why are the commenters who are opposed to Occupy Denver so hateful.? I haven’t seen any negative comments that are thoughtful and reasoned. I have seen name calling, labeling., and general nastiness.

    “Hippies” haven’t really existed since the early 70’s, though their philosophy brought environmental challenges to industrial polllution, and resulted in cleaner water and air for all of us. Nutrition concepts from the “hippies” have grown into profitable chain stores, and many of us are healthier after learning about the benefits of yogurt and a diet high in vegetables. “Hippie” curiosity about other cultures and the natural world led to new healing medicines and practices that have, for example, revolutionized cancer treatment. (The yew tree was used to create a medicine now used as first line treatment by breast cancer patients.)

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