DENVER (CBS4) – Federal drug agents have busted a medical marijuana dispensary in Adams County and have charged three people accused of running the business and another who owned a warehouse where pot was allegedly being grown..

Drug Enforcement Administration agents were watching a warehouse at 3880 Forest Street operated by Earth’s Medicine. It was believed marijuana was being illegally grown there. The agents spotted a truck coming out and decided to follow it. That led them to Cherry Top Farms on Brighton Boulevard.

Ha Do; his son, Nathan Do; his brother, Hai Do; and warehouse owner Richard Crosse were all arrested. They are all charged with distribution and possession with intent to distribute marijuana.

The agents then got a search warrant for Cherry Top Farms which is a medical marijuana dispensary, bakery and grow operation. Nobody from Cherry Top was arrested but officers seized about 3,600 marijuana plants from the warehouse and another location as part of the investigation.

Investigators say that as of September Earth’s Medicine didn’t have a state permit to grow marijuana. Cherry Top insists it is compliant with state law that allows medical marijuana centers, but federal law does not.

“Our federal government, which is supposed to serve us, the people of Colorado, instead declares war on us and somehow has the recourses to go against a harmless medicinal plant,” medical marijuana attorney Robert Corry said. “We are keeping our own house in order in Colorado and then the federal government comes in and basically declares war on the government of our state.”

Court documents claim the marijuana was being sold out of the warehouse in toy boxes to be sent out of state.

There has been a great deal of concern by the medical marijuana industry in Colorado that there could be a federal crackdown like what is happening in California right now.

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  1. Michael Douglas says:

    I say Legalize it.

  2. Rev. B Baker says:

    I bet they support my federal suit demanding ag suthers to reschedule federally as he is legally required to under federal law as the first step in legal MMJ!

  3. Dan Pula says:

    Sad that we waste tax dollars on the battle against a weed.

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