FORT COLLINS, Colo. (CBS4)- The woman police said stabbed her ex-boyfriend with a beer bottle still hasn’t been charged with a crime. Azura Lakin appeared in court on Thursday.

The man, Shaun Cassidy, died from his injuries over the weekend.

Lakin, 20, was arrested a week and a half ago for investigation of second degree assault. She is out on bond.

Another hearing was set for next week as prosecutors consider what, if any, charges to file.

According to the arrest affidavit, Lakin told police she had been fighting with Cassidy and hit him twice with a beer bottle because he broke her cell phone.

She said it happened in the hallway just outside her apartment.

Lakin told the officer, “It felt different” when she hit Cassidy with the bottle the second time.

Prosecutors are considering whether Lakin was defending herself, which would clear her under Colorado’s “Make My Day” law.

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  1. denvervet says:

    To kill someone with a beer bottle, broken or unbroken you have to generate a lot of force. This will be an interesting case, lets see who can lie the best in this one! It already tells me something about these two that they would let an arguement esdulate to this level. I was not there but I am suspicious of the whole thing as reported.

  2. very upset says:

    “To be acquitted of any kind of physical harm-related crime (such as assault and battery and homicide) using the self-defense justification, one must prove legal provocation, meaning that one must prove that he was in a position in which not using self-defense would most likely lead to death or serious injuries. The threat of damage or loss of property alone is not enough!”From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Over a cell phone!!
    It wasn’t just the hitting over the head…she slit his throat!! Why is this being forgotten?!?!

    1. Chaz says:

      Luckily she can prove justification in ways you on the outside do not (and could not) know. You read a piece done by the news and take their facts as pure gold, as if the world “is” what is on the idiot box. Get the facts. But, you’ll probably spend more time writing a response. Moron!

      1. very upset says:

        Family…enough said.

      2. hurt and confused says:

        Most of the comments being left are those of the family who are not just “reading a piece done by the news and taking their facts as pure gold,” so why dont you take a minute to think that there is more than one side to this story and more people than just yourself being kept “in the loop” and keep your mouth shut. MORON!!

      3. chaz says:

        Ok. There is more than one side to the story. of course. But why am I the “family” member. I am simply someone that sticks to the facts. Any MORON can obtain and interpret a police report. I base my judgement on evidence. This is clearly a case of self defense. God bless the one who lost his life, but look at his record. Not so clean. Make my day law….maybe not. Obvious first degree murder….not likely. This leaves self defense….Again this is all in the police report, NOT the news report.

      4. thank you says:

        Chaz…did you even consider the chance that “very upset” is family to the victim? Talk about being a moron, and a bit self-centered. You judge by “facts,” but I’m curious…are you sure you have them all? Or are you only “judging” by the “golden” police report? I mean, NO ONE lies to the police…ever..right?

  3. Stunned32 says:

    this is very upsetting to me that she might get away free

    1. miguel says:

      So she just leisurely walked up to the man with a beer bottle and cut his throat for breaking her cell phone. RU serious?! That is the biggest crock of sh**. I took Chaz’s advice and called for a copy of the police report. Very eye opening. Let me just say if this was a movie, we would be rooting for the girl.

      1. thank you says:

        Root for the girl? If this were a movie…you would know all the past history, which you don’t. You would “know” what ACTUALLY happened prior to the apartment. We all would. And if this were a movie, they would both walk away “free.” Please don’t compare this to entertainment.

        A ploce report does not make it “true.”

        In addition, it’s great that some of you looked up the boyfriend’s record. Did you happen to look at hers? You may be surprised. Before you “side” or decide to “judge” someone, do your homework. I’ve found that one of the best ways to get to know someone is to talk to their friends, c-workes, and family. Again, I bet you would be surprised.

  4. justice1024 says:

    you cant claim make my day law if he was outside of her apartment and it can be charged as first degree murder. She intended to cause great bodily harm by going and getting a weapon. This was not committed in the heat of the moment. Also it would have been enough to hit him with a beer bottle, but she had to cut him as well. If you looked into Shaun’s records like you said you would see he never hurt her and never would he would have walked away then ever hurt her.

    1. FTC authority says:

      Clearly u did not read the police report since you state “She went to get a weapon” The broken bottle was the one that hit him on the head and he still came back to choke her. I believe was the act was committed in the heat of the moment. I live in the complex and have reported this to multiple news source and all mainstream sources dismissed what I had to say.
      FREE AZURA!!! Heaven forbid if your friend began violently choking you in a drunken stupor. We will see how you react!
      Pleas do not respond unless you have read the police report.

  5. Justice for Shaun says:

    So I guess if you read the police report you read Shauns side of the story right? YEAH that’s what I thought. A ploice report is just that a report, keep in mind there are always two sides to a story, so dont be ingnorant. What I do know is SHE knows the truth, SHE knows the kind of person Shaun was and SHE will have to live with this the rest of her life. Let’s just hope she gets her self together, gets sober and changes her life in a positive way instead of playing head games with the people she claims to love.

    1. FTC authority says:

      The police report is closest “we” as the general public can get to the truth, and it is what the courts use to provide “justice.” Who knows what really happened, seriously. And don’t talk about this “I know shaun” business. RIP fo sho…..and let justice be indicative of the truth.

      1. Justice for Shaun says:

        I do know Shaun and Azura and I also know your full of it when you say you have read the police report. Get a clue and stop talking about something you know nothing about. If the courts only use the police report to provide “justice” you just told on yourself since they are still investigating and having completed it yet. Justice will never be served when the police can only get one side of the story. Let’s remember that someone has lost their life here, that should mean something.

      2. Montrosepride says:

        Did Shaun have a driver’s license? He had been busted before for DUI back in the day when we went to school together. His mom was my teacher. He was rough and now Its a little surreal that he’s gone. Wow he really could put down some booze. Here’s to you Shaun, cheers!

      3. Justice for Shaun says:

        Montrosepride wrong Shaun, his mom is not a teacher and yes he had a drivers license.

  6. Michelle Graice says:

    Let there be peace in the heart and minds of all involved. Who are we to spectate ? God bless the Cassidy and Lakin family as they move forward.

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