DENVER (CBS4) – Coloradans are among the hundreds or possibly thousands of people who have been contacted by scammers who are phishing for bank account information.

The scam involves automated phone calls or text messages that pretend to be from Wells Fargo and the scam artists try to trick customers into handing over their bank account information. Dozens of CBS4 viewers have contacted Consumer Investigator Jodi Brooks about the scam.

Officials with both the FBI and the Colorado Bureau of Investigation say they are actively collecting information about the scam.

“This is a concern and this is something we’re very interested in getting more information on,” said FBI spokesman Dave Joly.

So far Joly says an investigation is not under way yet. The FBI first wants to learn more from victims.

“The FBI will look at a financial threshold — we usually look for multiple victims and large sums of money before we’ll get involved,” Joly said.

Joly said they are interested in learning about the specifics of when and how people were contacted.

“Even in a text message your cellular provider is going to have some information that we can get with a subpoena if you allow us to use you as a victim and we can obtain that information and use that to track these individuals down,” Joly said.

In the meantime, beware: someone is fishing for your bank information.

Every fraud investigator Brooks talked to in relation to this story had a similar bit of advice: If you are victim of identity theft, file a police report — even if nothing is stolen.

“A police report is the only evidence you have that you were a victim if something happens down the road with a creditor,” Brooks said.

Additional Resources

Anyone who thinks they have become a victim should contact Wells Fargo immediately. The FBI also wants to hear from Wells Fargo Bank customers who have been targeted. They may ask you to fill out a report online.

– FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center:

– CBI Identity Theft Hotline: (855) 443-3489

Comments (3)
  1. Mary Sprinkle says:

    Every time I dial the number for CBI hotline – I get a message that this call cannot be completed – it this the correct number 800-443-3489. I was contacted last night by an automated phone call and would like to talk to someone at this hotline.

  2. Eva hunter says:

    The number you have for CBI Identity Theft Hotline is wrong it should be 855-443-3489 not 800-443-3489. Thanks for the information about the Wells Fargo Scam, they called my daughters cell phone from Cricket. We didn’t call and was so glad we didn’t.

    Eva from Centennial, Co

  3. Steve Birlew says:

    I recieve scam emails everyday asking for my information to send me lots of money for various reasons all of which ask for some type of small fee to be sent to them in order to start the process.I truly wish these people could be tracked down and stopped because I know the elderly and desperate people are being targeted!!!

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