GOLDEN, Colo. (CBS4) – A deputy shot and killed an inmate trying to escape from a medical facility in Jefferson County Tuesday morning.

The alleged escape attempt happened at the Golden Ridge Medical Center located off Heritage Road in Golden. The inmate was shot inside the facility.

Golden police say the deputy shot the inmate in a common hallway just before noon as the man tried to escape. The inmate was having some medical imaging done at the Golden Ridge Surgery Center when he tried to escape.

Police say the procedure required that his shackles be removed. A police spokesman said he did not know if the inmate tried to escape before or after the procedure.

Nickie Donnell was in a waiting room after her husband had just had surgery when she heard the commotion.

“All of a sudden I heard some yelling in the hallway and a couple of seconds later there was a shot and so we all kind of stood up and said, ‘There’s a shot,’ ” Donnell said. “The receptionist asked us to move back to the back of the room.”

Police said the inmate was the only person injured in the escape attempt and shooting, although they did not say where he was shot.

The inmate died after being taken to a hospital.

escape map Inmate Shot, Killed During Escape Attempt In Jefferson County

(credit: CBS)

Comments (8)
  1. John_Rawlings says:

    Badness often yields death!
    I am sure he was an embarrassment to his family and relatives!

    1. John says:

      You sure assume a lot of things your Excellency!
      Maybe someday your kid will be that person.

  2. Lisa says:

    No loss to society!

  3. A Mom says:

    How heartless and thoughtless you both must be . . . this inmate was someone’s son (maybe even someone’s father) . . . another human being ;-( Clearly neither of you have had a “loved one” who has been tangled up in our incredibly sad justice system . . .

  4. denvervet says:

    He couldn’t be shot in the leg? Hospital security would have gotten him downstairs. I was not there but I wonder what the reasoning was to shoot to kill.

  5. Bob says:

    I agree, both comments are overly harsh. Death seems a particularly strong punishment for attempting to escape. Certainly shooting at his legs would have stopped him.

  6. John says:

    I was just wondering just exact;y how you would know that?
    Lord help this country when idiots like you get assigned to a jury.
    You don’t have any clue why this person was an inmate, maybe it was a DUI
    Is that worth getting shot over?
    If so we have an awful lot of people to shoot don’t we.
    I guess that’s ok with you though.
    Hey I have an idea since you seem to like people to lose their lives over something you don’t have a clue about, how about we give you the gun and let you personally shoot them.
    After all it’s no loss to society in your mind.
    It will be funny as hell when something happens to someone you love.
    Remember what you just wrote so when something happens to someone you care about you can ask God “did you do that to punish my stupid remark”
    You’ll never know will you?

  7. Sister in Jesus Christ says:

    Yes sister,
    To those that speak before giving thought that there was a man named Jesus that sacrificed himself for our sins that we might live. They need to remember there is no sin greater than another. I pray that our Father forgive this man of his sins and that he rest in peace until our Father returns to judge us all of our sins. I pray for the family members that he leaves behind to mourn his death that God bring comfort to them.

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