Running a half marathon is something to be proud of, a full marathon remarkable; now consider logging those miles while 9 months pregnant!

That is amazing!

A young woman from did just that this past Sunday.

She competed in the Chicago marathon finishing it in 6 hours – and seven hours after that, she delivered her baby daughter – June.

Both mom and daughter are doing great.

I have completed a couple of half marathons, and I understand the physical and mental toughness it takes to dig in and do one.

But this kind of strength this young mom exhibits inspires me.

Let’s be clear, running a marathon while pregnant isn’t for everyone.

But her doctor knew she was running and had been training long before she became pregnant.

She says her doctor kept an eye on her –- and so did her husband who ran with her.

Wow, wow, wow … her accomplishment leaves me speechless.

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