DENVER (CBS4) – An elderly woman is recovering from carbon monoxide poisoning after a neighbor rushed her to the hospital on Sunday.

Norma Piccone was taken from her home on Albion Street after her furnace broke.

Authorities said she was put in a hyperbaric chamber to get the carbon monoxide out of her system.

After arriving at the scene Sunday Denver fire crews used fans to bring fresh air into the woman’s home. Tests show the readings were as high as 605 parts per million. Safe levels are only 35.

Piconne apparently got out of her home just in time. She called her neighbor to say she was feeling sick.

Firefighters say they didn’t find a carbon monoxide detector in Piccone’s home.

“(It’s important to) have a CO detector,” Denver Fire Assistant Chief Jeff Mees said. “Follow the info that’s put out by the state. Keep them by the bedrooms or within 15 feet of the bedrooms.”

Gas fire appliances are the common culprits of carbon monoxide leaks. Those include furnaces, stoves, gas driers, hot water heaters and gas fireplaces.


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