Tom Tancredo Blasts Jeffco Schools For 'Political Correctness Run Amok'

LITTLETON, Colo. (CBS4) – Officials at a high school in Jefferson County are disputing a student’s claim that he was suspended for wearing a T-shirt that said Border Patrol.

The controversy has been a hot topic on radio talk shows and in the school’s newspaper. On a political blog called a post about the issue has gathered more than 60 comments.

The teenager says he was harassed after the newspaper at Dakota Ridge High School ran an article about the shirts, which he and at least one other student wore. The article mentioned that students and staff were scared by its message.

Former Rep. Tom Tancredo joined the student Thursday night at a board meeting for the Jefferson County School District to show his support.

“We are looking at, if nothing else, political correctness run amok,” Tancredo said to the board.

Tancredo, formerly a Republican Congressman and most recently an American Constitution Party candidate for governor, is an outspoken opponent of easing immigration laws.

“I know that he was called in about (the shirt) and he was harassed about it and it’s just not right,” Tancredo told CBS4. He said it is “just a typical example” of how the district goes overboard with their philosophy of political correctness.

Superintendent Dr. Cindy Stevenson said there’s a lot of misinformation going around relating to the shirts. She said the district and its staff “are strong believers in freedom of speech” and that anyone who was disciplined was disciplined for other reasons. Those reasons are not being made public because of privacy policies, she said.

“In fact no student has been disciplined or suspended or kept off a bus for wearing any T-shirt that says Border Patrol,” she said.

She said the issue has generated animosity towards the school and its staff.

“We have some staff members who are very fearful because some of the emails that have been received are pretty threatening,” she said.

She also said Dakota Ridge is restricting certain people who have been deemed threatening from being allowed on the campus.

“We will not let the educational process be disrupted,” she said.

The district says students do have freedom of speech to a certain extent with their T-shirts. However, if a student were being disruptive towards the educational process officials would take action. They said this case is not at that stage at this point.

Comments (57)
  1. birdwell says:

    Wow, didn’t know you guys were such Tancredo supporters. Did it ever occur to anyone that the kids wearing the shirts were looking for a fight? Free speech or not you don’t get to yell fire in a theater and you definitely don’t get to start the fire. But then again that is a Tancredo specialty and it’s lame you guys sent a report with a Hispanic name to cover the story. Talk about political correctness run amok, take a look in the mirror.

    1. CJS says:

      OR did it occur to you that the kids involved are probably sick of dealing with illegals, at least they got their heads on straight and want to deal with a situation that is increasingly problematic for the American economy.

    2. JPierce says:

      Did it ever occur to you that they support an agency that helps keeps our borders safe from not just illegals but drugs and illegal arms flowing into this country? Would someone wearing a US Marine Corps shirt be considered looking for a fight? Or an FBI shirt? What about all those shirts around 9/11 that said NYPD or NYFD?

      I don’t care why the kids “did it” And this also doesn’t mention the kids had worn the shirts before with no reaction or reprisal. No one should be “threatened” by someone wearing a Border Patrol shirt They are a US govenment law enforcement agency made up of fine men and women.

  2. Karie says:

    But feel free to wear la raza shirts…

    1. El Duderino says:

      LaRaza shirts are not any kind of implicit threat. These are threatening, and you know it

      1. Jeff says:

        Are you here illegally? That would be the only reason you feel threatened by these shirts. Otherwise it is simple FREE speech!

      2. Border Patrol says:

        Thank you Jeff, and I am really surprised that you are all so shocked that the media might actually not get all the facts before they report. HA!

      3. Karie says:

        Do some research into the agenda of la raza (brown kkk) The border patrol of our country is not a threat, unless you are here illegally, and you know it.

      4. Jeff says:

        These are only threatening to those who are here illegally…..

  3. John says:

    Or just *maybe* the news didnt bother to check on the fact that the people wearing the shirts in question were actually bullies. Bullies which had been caught *significantly* harassing female cheerleaders prior to a football game, were thereby disciplined by not being allowed to ride a district bus to the next football game, and where these “Shirts” were the bullies way “sending a message” to the school for kicking them off the bus. It has *NOTHING* to do with free speech, or even border patrol issues. You just let the bullies win and cast them as heros, and encouraged them to do god knows what else – all for your irresponsible reporting. Great job.. Get your facts straight before you report it.

    1. Don says:

      Parents have to make a stand and protect their kids from bullies!

    2. Regan Benson says:

      What are the facts that need to be “straight”. I’m particularly interested in the facts that these “bullies” were *significantly* harassing female cheerleaders.

      1. Austin says:

        I have heard the above story (posted by John) re-iterated several times and furthermore, as quoted from the article “She (Cindy Stevenson) said the district and its staff “are strong believers in freedom of speech” and that anyone who was disciplined was disciplined for other reasons. Those reasons are not being made public because of privacy policies, she said.” Therefore, there is more to this story than what can be legally stated by official channels leaving things such as this open to members of the public, who are not legally required to keep quiet. The Benson’s need to leave this alone, all they are doing is creating issues when there is none to be had and are making life hard for everyone and are disrupting a well functioning school.

    3. JPierce says:

      Have you seen the letter from the school? Or the post in their own school newspaper? They most definately had a problem with these shirts. Those are words from the school themselves.

      My father in law was a Border Patrol agent. I’ve known many fine men and women that worked for BP. Alot of them, suprise suprise, are hispanic. It’s insulting to me and probably everyone who wears that uniform and puts their lives on the line for our country are basically being compared to the KKK by a Colorado High school.

      1. Austin says:

        I have read both the letter and the newspaper article and first off, there is nothing from Dr. Jelinek’s letter that implies any emotion towards the shirts. The letter states that nothing has stopped the students from wearing the shirts, “In fact, they wore the shirts during the game as they drove themselves to the game and they continue to wear the t-shirts in our school hallways.”

        In regards to the newspaper, it must be remembered that it was written by people with their own biases and that it is a school newspaper written by students who are a far cry from the somewhat objective mass media. Furthermore, although Dr. Jelinek states “The boys who wore the shirts in an environment with a significant Hispanic population created the potential for a substantial disruption and danger to themselves and those around them,” words and opinions are different from actions and reality. Nothing has emerged, other than the students own word, that he was stopped from wearing a shirt and I would take official comment over the word of a student who was upset that his friend was unable to ride the bus to a football game because his friend harassed a cheerleader.

        I would like to thank your father in law for his service because I know that they do very important work that I agree with 100%. That and this entire article, however, is beside the point that Benson’s friend harassed a cheerleader and because of that, was not allowed to ride a bus. This issue has become ridiculous in the fact that the original situation is being forgotten.

      2. JPierce says:

        Austin it wouldn’t let me reply to your post so I had to reply here. Not the letter from the principle. There was a letter sent out straight after the incident that clearly stated that the shirts were “offensive” “threatening” and that kind of discrimiation would not be tolorated at the school. I think it was from one of the administrators. Peter Boyles had it up on his website but last time I looked it was taken down.

        That’s what I personally find offensive, that anyone would catagorize BP shirts as offenisive or threatening.

  4. Disturbed says:

    Thank you, John, for saying what everyone else in the Dakota Ridge community is thinking. I certainly hope that when people do get their facts straight, Peter Boyles and Tom Tancredo are men enough to apologize to the Dakota Ridge administration.

    1. Regan Benson says:

      What are the facts?

  5. Jonna says:

    Your reporter who did the story on Dakota Ridge and Tom Tancredo, obviously is so infatuated with Tom Tancredo, he neglected to do his homework…or perhaps even bother to stay thru the entire Public Comment at last night’s Jeffco Board of Ed meeting. This was first I’d heard of this situation at Dakota Ridge, but after Tancredo, 2 or 3 Dakota Ridge parents addressed the Board. Apparently there’s much more to this story than what was represented by either your reporter or Mr. Tancredo. Shame on Ch4 and your reporter for presenting such a one-sided story; but I’m sure Mr. Tancredo appreciated your reporter and station giving him the lime light he so desperately craves!

  6. Jim larriva says:

    Could I wear a t-shirt with a big swatztica on it as my free speech statemnet?

    1. John says:

      To Jim:
      Yeah you can wear a shirt with a anything you want on it, go ahead.
      The difference is the American people realize the difference between the two.
      My guess is you would get little or no support for wearing that shirt and may get your @@% kicked but the reality is the border patrol shirt will get a lot of support.
      The American people are fed up with Illegals flooding the country.
      This is going to get a lot worse if nobody fixes it.
      I am sick of paying for them, you love them, you pay for them.

  7. oldcatman says:




  8. Barb says:

    This is really sad these kids are bullies . Every school in Colorado should be wearing uniforms to avoid this exact situation and get rid of the sagging pants also what happened to dress code

    1. Jeff says:

      Can you tell me that Mexican kids don’t wear “Mexican” t-shirts? It’s not different! The only kids/people that should be offended are those who are breaking the law by being here illegally!

  9. JPierce says:

    I heard the boy and his mother on the radio and they never claimed he was suspended for wearing the shirt. They said they suspended him for insubordination and harrassment of the principle because he asked him why they were not allowed to go on a school bus to attend the game. There’s a lot more to this story including the schools blatent discimination towards the border patrol.

    By the way, the mother has been barred from school grounds because she showed up the day of the incident to find out why he couldn’t get on the bus, she didn’t want her son driving all the way to Pueblo.

    1. Mary says:

      really that is just insane. Do you really think the staff/principal of that school have nothing better to do than harass students for wearing a shirt. Unlike the parent of those students who has made a career of harassing staff at her students schools (which are numerous). I would like to hear from some of the families who have over the years been bullied by these students. Don’t kid yourself it is not about the t-shirts it’s about getting attention – enough already.

      1. Regan Benson says:

        Mary- what are the facts? Can you elaborate on my career of harassing staff at my kids schools, c’mon now don’t just throw out rhetoric, lets talk substantiated facts, I can handle it.

      2. JPierce says:

        I saw the letter from the school admin. They had a problem with the shirts. They said they found them “threatening” and “offensive”. The school said that. Then there newspaper article backed it up. No mention in either of those about any bullying other then the shirts.

        This “bullying” claim didn’t come until after the family went public with this.

    2. Mom says:

      Ok, now it’s coming out! Thank you, Mary, I just posted as Mom.

  10. Regan Benson says:

    @ Austin- Again, what are the facts?

    1. Austin says:

      The only facts that I can take for truth is that a student was not allowed to board a bus due to his harassment of a cheerleader and that someone unrelated to the student in question had an issue. This entire news story is based on what someone said rather than what actually happened according to a credible, official source. I can’t take the word of anyone who reacted by yelling at the principal and having to be escorted off of the campus as truth. As for Tancredo, he is a politician with a political agenda who will stretch the truth for his betterment. There are almost no solid facts within this story other than what I presented previously

    2. Regan Benson says:

      @ Austin- and is this enough quoted emotion from Dr. Jelinek for you? “Regardless, there is always a time and place to express one’s freedom of speech. The boys who wore the shirts in an environment with a significant Hispanic population created the potential for a substantial disruption and danger to themselves and those around them,” states Dr. Jelinek.

  11. Mom says:

    This is infuriating, again another person, JPierce, is forming his opinion based on the one-sided interview on a rediculous talk show. I am a parent of a Dakota Ridge student and I respect the administrations’ need to keep the story quiet for legal purposes. People who are not close the situation and don’t know the history behind the story need to just wait it out. The truth will prevail.

    1. JPierce says:

      I’m infuratied also as the daughter in law of a slain Border Patrol agent. I heard “one” side, then read what the other side (the school) said.

      You want to stifle a story because it might make your school look bad?

      The “truth” I know is what the school said themselves that THEY found the shirts offensive and threatening. How do you spin that to make your school look better?

    2. Regan Benson says:

      What is the truth Mom? When will the truth prevail? So why do you suppose that Dr. Jim Jelinek or any of his staff didn’t want to come on to the Peter Boyles show? I’ll tell ya why, because he wanted to control his captive audience, because it is HE that is the coward and dishonest. This was his latest attempt today, this is called slander… it is also called, I’m too scared to actually tell the truth so I will garner all the internal support I possibly can……

      Dear Dakota Ridge High School Parents, Staff, and Community October 7, 2011

      One of the most significant conversations we have with our children as parents and as educators revolves around honesty and character as these are life-long measures of our individual integrity and respect of ourselves and others. To this end, we communicate with our children about the dangers of lying and bullying others and hope that we develop a profound sense of understanding guiding their positive actions in their life experiences. It is one of the most challenging conversations educators are required to have with an individual when the lying and bullying comes not from a student, but from a parent.

      You may have heard a recent political talk show or viewed a recent news show in which a fictional story of harassment, school consequences, and misdirection were attributed to the staff of Dakota Ridge High School. The reality in this story is that one of the first aspects sacrificed in contemporary social media is often the truth. Sadly, we have to divert our attention and energy away from our primary role and responsibility of educating our students in order to address the lying, bullying, and harassing behavior by one of the families in our school.

      Let me help you understand fact from fiction. Earlier this year, our high school football team was traveling to Pueblo West to play a game. As part of that experience, our school administration provided a fan bus to take our spirit squads, cheerleaders, and fans to the game. In the days leading up to the game, one of the students who had arranged to ride this bus, harassed and threatened one of our school cheerleaders. School administration communicated to him that he would not be allowed to ride the bus as it created an unsafe environment for our cheerleaders. The mother of one of his friends chose to come to the school just prior to the departure of the bus and demand that school administration allow this boy – not her son – be allowed to ride the bus despite his actions. In the ensuing incident, District security and Jeffco Sheriff Deputies had to intervene with this mother and her son because of their significant harassment and intimidation of school personnel and students on the bus. The boy and his mother were escorted off school grounds by law enforcement and the bus left for Pueblo West.

      Within that altercation, the boy of this mother and one or two of his friends wore Border Patrol t-shirts and planned to wear them to the game in Pueblo West. No staff member harassed or intimated the boys for these t-shirts and contrary to lies presented by this boy and his mother, this boy was not suspended for wearing this shirt. In fact, they wore the shirts during the game as they drove themselves to the game and they continue to wear the t-shirts in our school hallways. The only intimidation and harassment that day and in the days that have followed has come from this boy and his mother. Their actions have led to restrictions and consequences for both of them.

      The news media missed a golden opportunity to capture the truth as told last night during a Board of Education meeting in which several Dakota Ridge High School parents courageously addressed the Board. They spoke of their values and beliefs in their own children. They spoke of their appreciation for the ongoing and exemplary work provided for their children by Dakota Ridge High School staff. They spoke of their fear of intimidation and harassment which disrupts the educational learning environment when this family engages in lying and bullying behavior. They shared with Laura Boggs – Board of Education member – that it is the public’s perception that she is in support of this family’s lies and bullying tactics. Parents challenged Ms. Boggs to examine all the facts prior to providing her support to this family. Equally as important, they spoke of their deep pride and commitment to the community of Dakota Ridge High School.

      It is unfortunate that some respected political figures and influential media personnel chose to communicate an opinion without first checking the facts and determining the truth. I am not a member of the media, or a political figure; so I may not understand that truth and integrity do not always outweigh the opportunity to increase ratings or provide one a chance at media limelight. I do know that I am incredibly proud of Dakota Ridge High School and feel very fortunate to have the privilege to work alongside some of the most dedicated, compassionate, professional, and talented staff members in the District. Our vision is to continually strive for a school based upon an exceptional community that promotes extraordinary learning, expanded opportunities, and above all, success for all students. Our students, staff, and majority of parents aspire to help all members of our community develop a balance between and synergy from four basic human needs: the need to live, the need to love, the need to learn and the need to leave a positive legacy. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns at 303-982-4970 or Thank you for your continued support.


      James A. Jelinek, Ph.D.
      Dakota Ridge High School

      1. JPierce says:

        Interesting their own school newspaper wrote this article contridicting most of this

        And wrote this letter

        Showing their problem WAS with the shirts. No where in either of these before this all became public was there EVER a mention of either of the boys bullying or harrassing anyone

  12. ME says:

    barb you’re a strict psychopath. There is no problem here, every person deserves their freedoms and nothing more. leave border patrol alone, they’re good people. people who get offended by border patrol are illegals and people are tired ov our economy fall drastically because ov the massive flow ov illegals. we wouldn’t be so in debt if we weren’t dealing with these PROBLEMS

  13. Michele Patterson says:

    Regan said: “Mary- what are the facts? Can you elaborate on my career of harassing staff at my kids schools, c’mon now don’t just throw out rhetoric, lets talk substantiated facts, I can handle it.”

    I don’t know about your school, Regan, but I can speak to your erratic behavior at school board meetings. How about the temper tantrum you threw in front of all of us in August over something Noonan said? How about the public letters insulting school board member Robin Johnson? That could qualify as harassment. 🙂

    As for this article and situation, there is no reason to wear “border patrol” shirts to a school with a high hispanic population other than to cause problems. It may be your right to do it but that doesn’t make it any less bigoted, inciteful, or any less intelligent an act than it obviously was. Just because you have the right to do it doesn’t mean you should. Intelligent people know the difference.

    1. JPierce says:

      You are insulting every member of the Border Patrol that proudly serves and is willing to sacrafice their lives for their country and to perform their duty. If this is the kind of “intelligence” displayed in the community in which Mrs. Benson lives I can feel her frustration and need for the occasional tantrum.

      1. Michele Patterson says:

        Oh, you know that’s not true. Don’t be so dramatic. These kids wore those shirts just to be hateful and for no other reason. They didn’t do it to support the border patrol.

      2. JPierce says:

        It won’t let me reply below but I’m not being dramatic enough. You don’t get it. The fact that anyone would find wearing Border Patrol shirts to be hateful or offensive IS the problem. I don’t care why the boys did it. It doesn’t matter to me. My son proudly wears his US Marine corps shirt because his father served. If he wanted to wear a Border Patrol shirt in honor of his grandfather I’d proudly let him wear it. The problem isn’t with the boys, it’s with the people that think there’s something to be ashamed of with the US Border Patrol.

      3. Dee says:

        No one is insulting the Border Patrol. They deserve our thanks for putting their lives at risk protecting our borders. The boys in question aren’t actual members of the US Border Patrol, are they? Your attempt to equate this group of boys with anyone actually serving as a Border Patrol members IS insulting. They didn’t wear their shirts to protect anyone. They wore the shirts to stir things up. Do they have a right to do that? Sure! And they were allowed to wear their shirts to the game.

    2. Guest says:

      Michelle, does this offend you? “The priority mission of the Border Patrol is preventing terrorists and terrorists’ weapons, including weapons of mass destruction, from entering the United States.” Intelligent people know what the border patrol does and honor and respect them for protecing our country. Now if they wore shirts that said, Immigration, that woud be different. The school missed an opportunity to educate the children on what exactly the Border Patrol is.

  14. Michele Patterson says:

    Oh, and may I add, intelligent parents don’t allow their children to behave in such a manner. If I caught my children attempting to incite violence or cause problems at their school by wearing any kind of hateful rhetoric, they would be lucky to live to see their next birthday.

    But then, I believe in raising my children to be good, upstanding citizens and not hateful bigots.

    1. JPierce says:

      The only hateful comment, biggoted or going against being a good citizen is to indicate in anyway that US Border Patrol is full of hateful bigots.

      1. Michele Patterson says:

        I never said that. You are being purposely obtuse. I have family in the military so you can also get off your high horse. I’m saying that wearing a “border patrol” shirt simply to get a rise out of the hispanic population is a hateful thing to do, period.

        In fact, one could say that wearing “border patrol” shirts only to get a reaction from our hispanic population is an insult to the real border patrol agents who actually do put their lives on the line.

      2. JPierce says:

        I’m sorry but you are being the one purposely “obtuse” What I’m saying is that wearing a Border patrol t-shir is NOT racist. The fact that you see it that way is the problem.. I’ll tell you what. A lot of my friends and family are STILL in the border patrol. Let me set them this story of the Border Patrol shirts immediately being associated as racist and we’ll see what they think. K?

    2. Regan Benson says:

      “attempting to incite violence”, with a Border Patrol shirt, fascinating. Even more fascinating is the fact that you would be sure to take this action against your own child “they would be lucky to live to see their next birthday”.

      Little contradictory in the hateful bigot arena, wouldn’t ya say?

      1. Michele Patterson says:

        Disciplining your child for behaving poorly is hateful bigotry? Do you know what “contradictory” means? I don’t think you do.

        You can’t do better than being purposely obtuse? (That means pretending to misunderstand me.) 🙂

        And what? No comment on how you repeatedly harass and insult school board members in communications to them? That’s a matter of public record, you know.

        Happy trails. I’m ooking forward to your next public meltdown or hateful diatribe. You always do come through. It’s great entertainment!

      2. Dee says:

        There is no question that the boys had the right to wear the shirts, and it appears they were allowed to do so at the game. Can you enlighten everyone as to why they chose to? What was the purpose of wearing the shirts to the game in Pueblo?

    3. S Hall says:

      “Hateful Rhetoric”??? Wow now that’s an intelligent remark.

      I am appalled by the lack of maturity this controversy has raised among such “upstanding” adults. I don’t have the facts…and it is apparent that most of you, who are so ready to make this about your own perceptions, do not either. We are assuming that these boys wore the t-shirts as a statement, but the statements that most of you are gathering are reaching higher than your own level of integrity, which I believe the principal has lost. He is taking a situation and molding it in to his own lie…as he greatly keeps calling this mother (or not mother…couldn’t tell from his ramblings) of this boy who wore a shirt, that he did or didn’t (couldn’t tell that either) find offensive. Oh and that he was bullied and harassed by a boy and his mother (or not his mother??) in front of police (State Officials)…so, why weren’t they apprehended by officials at that time for harassment then?? Oh and I understand that you point out that they harassed cheerleaders…not that it matters, but because tend to stereotype cheerleaders as girls…be honest in letting us know if they were male or female or both?? Make your stories clear enough for all of us to comprehend. So we are to believe that this boy is now a motherless (or not) bully who wears US government t-shirts to offend a Hispanic population, because we all think that’s what the Border Patrol is about….right?? Do I have that right??
      I am not in any way condoning these boys or their actions, IF their purpose was discrimination or to insult…but get your facts straight before increasing the hype. If they were bullies, take that as they were bullies and tend to them all…if you thought the shirts were driven as offensive and you “thought” their intentions were as such…then tend to that issue. Don’t take one issue throw it out and bring up a completely different issue that makes them out to be these little terrorists!! You completely brought forth that the issue was t-shirts, and then made it an even higher issue by throwing in that this boy was a menace to society. What I don’t like is how this has gotten so out of hand and throughout all of these comments it has now given the Border Patrol a racial and invasive name.
      Do ANY of you know a thing about the Border Patrol or what they stand for….AND…least of all know WHO all works for protecting COUNTRY??
      Let me tell you some FACTS and TRUTH to your queries. As my husband, a native Coloradoan, a former US Marine, and a PROUD AMERICAN who works with the US Border Patrol and if I can make it very clear that most of his fellow Border Patrol agents are some of the FINEST Hispanic, Latino, and/or Mexican men and women in our country. They are also former and current Marines, National Guardsmen, Naval, Army, and Air Force Officers. So, for you to point out and SLANDER the US Border Patrol making them out to be a “threat” or “offensive” to others…that would be completely obtuse, unless they themselves are illegal. So, SHAME ON YOU for being so small minded or, for better terms, a racist!!
      Something you should know and probably do not realize with these naive comments regarding t-shirts, that they are NO different than wearing any other US or State governing organization one would admire or want to represent!! I hope you realize that it is NOT about someone’s race that my husband risks his life day and night…it’s about the drugs he keeps off the street to keep OUR children safe and secure!! It’s also about the rapists, murders, and terrorists he keeps your family safe from every day.
      Do you realize how many people risk their lives, do you???? We attended a funeral of our fallen friend, Agent Rosas…yes, a Hispanic Border Patrol agent was shot and killed…so when you offensively criticize the Border Patrol making them racial and offensive, I have to think of that family who lost their husband, father, son, and friend to a drug runner who wanted to get into our country and sell drugs to YOUR children.
      The reason you keep making it a racial issue…is that your thoughts are petty and consumed to the media’s propaganda showing it’s all about race. Watch an episode of Border Wars, just once and maybe, just maybe you might get a clue as to what it’s all about. My husband is protecting your safety and your kids safety, so live with that while you ridicule and insult the name of the Border Patrol and what our Americans represent. I am extremely PROUD of our Border Patrol agents and consider them our family, just as I do our US Service Agency.

  15. The Collective says:

    Teachers we respect you and understand that leadership plays an important role in the end result of any undertaking. The real concern of this article appears in the writings and words of the principle. In reading his comments in the school newspaper and the letter sent to the parents the principle appears to be inconsistent and of most concern is what might be being taught and supported by the administration. Please visit The Collective and read “For the Teachers” page. The real value of this article is not who was right or wrong in a particular incident but to look at the foundation that is being created. Especially in the school newspaper The Collective.

  16. Michele Patterson says:

    JPierce: “I’m sorry but you are being the one purposely “obtuse” What I’m saying is that wearing a Border patrol t-shir is NOT racist. The fact that you see it that way is the problem.. I’ll tell you what. A lot of my friends and family are STILL in the border patrol. Let me set them this story of the Border Patrol shirts immediately being associated as racist and we’ll see what they think. K?”

    Yes, my friend, it is. Wearing a “border patrol” t-shirt specifically to send the message to hispanics that they are unwanted or to try to upset them IS a racist, hateful thing to do. If you think these boys were wearing those shirts for any other reason, well, that’s called “rationalizing.” We do that when we don’t want to see the truth or prefer to ignore it. Have a nice weekend. 🙂

    1. Mom says:

      You guys are all off track, it’s not about bigotry, it’s about boys who weren’t allowed to take the bus to the football game because they harrassed the male cheerleadeer (not the female cheerleaders). So to rebel, they wore the Border Patrol t-shirts to make a point about not being able to board the next football game bus. So there you have it, all you uniformed people. Leave it alone and let the proper channels follow through.

  17. bs says:

    I wish I had a video camera to record how Regan Benson treated the school administrators and police officers outside our bus. Great example of “hateful and inciting?”

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