Written by Dr. Dave Hnida CBS4 Medical EditorA new study shows visits to the ER for head injuries are way up over a recent 8 year period, from 153,000 to 248,000. That’s a lot of hits to the head.

But are head injuries really increasing. Not according to the CDC, who says the jump in numbers are actually due to better education and awareness on the part of parents and coaches.

Instead of blowing off a ding to the noggin, more and more grown-ups are now recognizing head injuries arent a laughing matter and getting kids checked out.

For boys, the most common activities leading to a concussion include football, bike riding, and for younger boys, playground injuries. For girls, the most common causes include basketball, soccer, and cycling.

Why are concussions so important? In the short term there can be headaches, problems concentrating, and dizziness. Long term, there can be issues with learning and similar problems.

Then there’s this super scary issue called “second impact syndrome.” That’s when a kid suffers a head injury, then goes back to contact sports too quickly.

Since it can take weeks for the brain to heal, if that kid then suffers even a mild blow to the head before the brain has healed, the result is sudden death.

The bottom line: protect your kid’s heads- helmets, etc. — and if there is an injury, play it safe and get things checked.

For more info: cdc.gov/concussion/ (It’s a great site for parents.)


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