GOLDEN (CBS4) – Video tapings of a man accused of shooting two middle school students are chilling and calculated as well as bizarre and rambling.

Jurors watched tapings Friday during closing arguments in the case against Bruco Strong Eagle Eastwood. He’s accused of opening fire at Deer Creek Middle School in February of 2010.

Bruco is diagnosed with schizophrenia. Now it is up to a jury to decide whether or not Eastwood knew what he was doing was wrong at the time of the shooting.

Matt Thieu and his classmate Reagan Weber were both shot, but luckily survived.

“(I) would never think I would get shot, I don’t think anybody would,” Thieu said.

When Eastwood spoke to investigators after the shooting police asked him why he shot at children instead of any adults. He said, “They represent the future.”

Eastwood attended Deer Creek in the early 1990s. He told police he was tortured and harassed and that’s why he hated the school so much. He apparently wanted to get revenge.

In earlier court documents Eastwood told police he often heard voices coming from a Nielsen box in his apartment. The defense recounted passages from Eastwood’s journals over the years. An entry from 2008 says, “The voice I hear isn’t my voice.”

Despite his mental illness the prosecution says Eastwood hid the gun behind his back while he hid behind a wall waiting for students to emerge — clear signs that he knew it was wrong.

Asked in a police interview his intent when he fired the gun, Eastwood said “accuracy.”


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