I am amazed by my daughter daily.

What a remarkable little person she is already!

Now when I drop her off to play with other kids at the gyms’ childcare center, she hits the floor running.

 She cannot wait to mingle and see what there is to explore.

 What happened to her looking over her shoulder for mom or dad?

 Those days didn’t last long.

 Honestly, I’m glad she feels safe enough to not cling to us but rather embrace the brave new world in front of her.

It did get me thinking that now is the time to get her into a “structured” child care class.

So, I picked up the phone to make a few calls, and quickly learned that there is a ‘waiting’ list just about everywhere.

I am the queen of making last minute plans, so I clearly need to start changing my ways.

I am all ears about child care centers, so please, if you know of a great one, email me with the info!

  1. Michelle says:

    Hi Karen,
    I just happened upon your page as I was surfing through your website and came upon the above entry for a recommendation for a childcare center. I own The Lawton-Taylor Academy in Centennial. You can visit us online at: http://www.lawtontaylor.com. We serve infants through Pre-K. I think you will get a good feel for who we are once you see our sight and we would love to have you come for a visit if you haven’t found a center for Elle yet. And actually, Jennifer Brice brings her son, Dylan, here. We would love to show off our school to you! Feel free to call anytime at 303-795-7085!

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