AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – A man who ran away from and shot at police officers in Aurora on Thursday has died after the officers opened fire.

The incident happened just after 3 a.m. in the 14,200 block of East Arkansas. Officers were called out to a report of a loud argument in the street between a man and a woman.

When police arrived they approached two people who were sitting in a parked van and asked a man, identified as Jerome Blackman, 21, to step out.

“When they were contacting one of the male subjects in order to try and do a pat down of him the subject resisted, a brief struggle ensued and the male subject ran from our officers,” police spokesman Lt. Paul O’Keefe told CBS4.

After Blackman started running away police tried to use a taser to slow him down but it apparently didn’t work.

“The taser, when it was deployed, either didn’t work or was ineffective,” O’Keefe said.

A preliminary investigation revealed Blackman pointed a handgun at the police while they were chasing him. At that point two officers opened fire with their guns and hit Blackman several times. It wasn’t clear if Blackman fired his gun.

Blackman was rushed to the hospital and died.

No officers were hurt in the incident.

Police said they are hoping anyone with more information about the case will contact Detective Charles Mehl at (303) 739-6213.

shooting Aurora Officers Fatally Shoot Suspect

(credit: CBS)

Comments (15)
  1. Don says:

    Based on the well know Police policy …if he’s running he must be guilty of something!

    1. Kevin says:

      Just comply with the officer’s instructions and you won’t get hurt. It’s that simple.

      1. r33333 says:


  2. Bill says:

    Yes Don! And based on the FACT that the Denver Metro Police are SOME OF THE MOST VIOLENT POLICE IN AMERICA, I would think a citizen would have some kind of defensible position if he/she ran away from a group of them in fear @ 3:00 a.m. We will never know what REALLY happened here. One of em lies and the rest of em swear to it. Hopefully, the citizenry of Denver (Metro) will wake up and put these corrupt, crooked MURDERING LIARS IN THEIR PLACE!

    1. riosmom says:

      This happened in Aurora. Comprehend much? Or just spend your time making up stories?

  3. Simone says:

    “A preliminary investigation revealed the suspect then fired shots at them with a handgun. At that point the officers opened fire with their guns and hit the suspect several times.”

    Textbook response. AS USUAL. I’m sure ONLY the cops heard the shots fired. So this man shot at the cops on a foot chase?? EVERYONE in Colorado knows the CPD has no regard for human life, no matter your race or age. They’ll kill you for having an attitude…. So why would this man shot at dozens of cops….running away…..? Hmph.

    “Officers were called out to a report of an unknown problem and a possible disturbance.”

    So why were they ‘patting him down’? Had he committed a crime or did they just walk up on the man & he looked ‘guilty’ of something?

    “When they arrived on scene they contacted a couple of parties in a vehicle and when they were contacting one of the male subjects in order to try and do a pat down of him..”

    So he was sitting in the vehicle…a parked vehicle? Minding his business? All of a sudden he’s being attacked by police officers, trying to arrest him, for sitting in a vehicle with his friends…

    Never call the Colrado police.
    You will end up being the victim.

    1. riosmom says:

      Explain what the “Colrado” police is/are?

  4. Kiki002 says:

    Seems like Aurora/Denver PD needs to review their shoot to kill policy. Their itchy trigger finger or their rush to beat the hell out of someone would make many people run. “To Serve and Protect” their own.

  5. r3333 says:

    I am sure the man who was sitting in a car at 3 a.m., causing a disturbance, running from police, in possession of a gun, pointing that gun at police, and possibly even shooting at police, was perfectly innocent. GET REAL!!!! All that man had to do was put his hands up and cooperate with police, yet he chose not to. Kudos to Aurora Police for a job well done.

  6. actusreus says:

    Bill and Simone, can I have some of whatever you are smoking? You were not there. I was not there. All we can go on is what is reported so far, and you grossly distort even those few items. First, they were called toa disturbance. They weren’t driving around looking for people in vans to contact. Second, it was 3 am. I doubt there were crowds of people just “minding their business” in the area of the disturbance. Third, they tried to use less than lethal force, and it failed.

    If these weren’t APD officers, but just a neighbor who went outside to see what the disturbance was about, would you be commenting on a person who shot someone after he pointed a gun at the person? Finally, I have a hunch you would be screaming here about police negligence if officers went out to the scene of a disturbance, possibly a domestic situation since it was male-female at 3 am, ignored the van, and later it was discovered that there was an injured or abducted woman in the van. Not only did they have the right to contact the man in the van, they had an obligation to do so.

    In the interest of full disclosure, I am a former Aurora police officer but also practiced criminal defense and plaintiff’s civil rights law after my police career so I think I have a pretty well balanced perspective on this. I just cannot accept your sweeping, absurd generalizations about the “Colrado” police, the “Denver Metro Police” or the “CPD,” whoever these straw persons are who you have built.

  7. carmacazi says:

    Did they actually recover a gun from the scene? Was the guy actually in possesion of a firearm or was it a cellphone mistaken for a gun?

  8. Proud of it says:

    Let’s see, he was sitting in a parked car at 3:45am in a residential area, what was he doing there? Checking out which house to break into is the most logical thought. More than likely he was either back or Hispanic and shot at the cops. The police did the right thing, shoot to kill and save the taxpayers the cost of putting him in jail.
    Way to go officers!

  9. Don says:

    Yes, it’s all so easy. A 21 year old is dead because he shouldn’t had been in that area and loud arguing was reported. Killing and justifying it is just so cut and dry. I love the comment that is was probably a black or Hispanic…no prejudice going on there. 21 years old my God…..

  10. LYN says:

    Colorado is the only state that this happens in every other day. I would like to question the cops now, why do you kills so many people young and old? The side of the cop car should read TO KILL & HURT THE CITIZENS. This need to stop and they are using extreme force when it is not needed. If this guy shot at the police who did he shoot?

  11. A Citizen Like You says:

    I believe I knew this young man as tthe son of a family friend. I do not justify his actions. Everyone knows you do not resist arrest especially in Colorado due to the recent issues with the police brutality investigations. Even still what prompted police to pat him down? Where was the woman the disturbance took place with? Why did he run? Did he really have a gun? Did they tase him first or is that just a lie to justify that another young life was stolen in the heat of the night? We cannot judge what we don’t know. Only God, the officers, Jerome, and any witnesses knows what happened that night and investigators will judge and handle this mess. It doesn’t matter that he was black and running away witha gun. He was running from police and they are trained to shoot in defense which often results in a suspects death. It is a sad situation and my heart goes out to the Blackman family. Rest in Peace Jerome.

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