President Barack Obama is in Denver on Tuesday to tour Abraham Lincoln High School and to speak about the nation’s economy.

The following are digital notes from CBS4’s Rick Sallinger about the visit.

Written by Rick Sallinger

11:30am Welcome Mr. President sign on W. Alemeda. Wonder if he’ll see it?

11:40am Long lines of mostly young people at corner of Iliff and Federal waiting to pass through security at Lincoln High School. One protester across the street.

obama1 Presidential Visit Blog: Rick Sallingers Account

A crowd outside Lincoln High School on Tuesday at noon prior to the president's arrival (credit: CBS)

Noon: Large American flag displayed on side of Lincoln High School with raised stands packed with kids positioned just below flag. Very visual.

12:30pm WH press catering today by Sam’s #3. Discussed with owner visit of dead guy with friends to their Aurora restaurant.

1:00 Obama: crowd baking in hot sun on asphalt outside Lincoln High School.

media coverage Presidential Visit Blog: Rick Sallingers Account

TV news trucks with their masts extended outside Lincoln High on Tuesday morning. (credit: CBS)

1:30 Medics helping several people apparently suffering from heat waiting for Obama.

presidential visit 1 Presidential Visit Blog: Rick Sallingers Account

The president steps off Air Force One at Buckley Air Force Base. (credit: CBS)

2:00 Could fit a lot more people in this school lot. Far cry from when Obama was here to receive democratic nomination.

2:08 p.m. President Obama has arrived at Lincoln HS. Meeting with officials, etc. inside.

2:20 Student introduces Obama who begins by saying “Hello Denver”. Praises Lincoln Lancers football team and local politicians.

obama3 Presidential Visit Blog: Rick Sallingers Account

President Obama speaks at Lincoln High School. (credit: CBS)

2:25 Obama talking jobs. Says those in DC got to stop worrying about their jobs and start worrying about your job.

2:29pm Obama pushes jobs bill. Says to Congress, “what are you waiting for?” Says will save jobs of Colorado firefighters, police, teachers and create others.

2:35 Republicans call this “class warfare”. “Would you rather keep tax breaks for millionaires or put people back to work?” Obama says.

2:43 Obama wades into crowd to shake hands after 20 minute speech urging Congress to pass jobs bill. Says “We’re Americans, we’re tougher than times we live in.”

Comments (3)
  1. Jeannette Parros says:

    I don’t think the local media made a big deal of our President coming to denver today. I wasn’t even sure where to get tickets or what time he was going to speak to the crowd. I know alot of people would have gone if we were alittle more informed about this event. I will be watching him live online. WELCOME President Obama!!!! Shalom

  2. jeff b says:

    Just another campaign speech! Lots of words and no meat behind them.

  3. JMP says:

    Did the President go to DIA first? There is alot of talk on facebook and youtube today about the Presidents visit to DIA and the underground bunker? Is there any truth to this? Could Jesse Ventura be onto something here?

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