DENVER (CBS4)- Donations are falling short to make repairs to the state Capitol, despite attempts to raise millions of dollars needed to bring the dome and building back to its original glory.

Colorado received a big gift from a mining company on Thursday. Cripple Creek & Victor Mining handed over 72 ounces of 24 karat gold to Governor John Hickenlooper.

The gold will be used to re-guild the dome on the state Capitol. The gold is worth about $130,000. Meantime, volunteers are trying to raise $13 million for repairs to the historic landmark.

After 110 years, the state Capitol building is literally falling apart. It’s cracking and rusting. The building in top priority with Colorado Preservation Inc. To date, the campaign has raised less than $200,000.

Even if donations don’t meet the $13 million repair bill, state lawmakers have already approved using money from the state historical fund.

What is taken out of that fund means other historic preservation projects will suffer. Those projects include the Grand Junction Depot, Handy Chapel in Mesa County and Georgetown’s old schoolhouse.

Jim Hare with Colorado Preservation Inc. said unless private funds can be raised to repair the state Capitol, those places will have to wait.

“I think if we can do a good job getting the word out to the public that by banding together to do this project, not just restoring the most important historical building, but helping all historic buildings that need to be preserved in the state,” said Hare.

Hare said if every Coloradan gave just $2, it would pay for the entire restoration to the state Capitol and leave $4 million in the fund for other projects across the state.

To make a $10 donation from your mobile phone dial 50555 and text the word d o m e to 50555.


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