Written by Brian Maass
DENVER (CBS4) – Murders in Denver are up 138.5 percent for the first eight months of this year, armed assaults have risen 9.1 percent compared to the same time last year and simple assaults have risen 6.7 percent in the first eight months of 2011, according to the Denver Police Department’s statistics for 2011.

“So yeah, we believe it’s a problem and we’re working on it but it’s nothing to alarm people and make them believe they live in an unsafe city,” said Denver Police spokesperson Lt. Matt Murray.

The statistics cover crimes from January through the end of August and show a citywide rise in crimes against persons of 4.3 percent compared to the same period in 2010.

Murray and other police officials argue that their own statistics are skewed because 2010 was a comparatively low crime year with an abnormally low number of homicides. He said Denver crime stats viewed over a longer period of time would not be so alarming. But he acknowledges the year to year numbers are eye-catching.

“There’s 105 more serious assaults — that’s a problem,” said Murray. ”When we see an 8 to 9 percent spike, that’s something we are looking at.”

The number of armed assaults has risen to 133, since Murray was interviewed.

Police are acutely aware that some of the most dramatic rises in crimes against persons are in the Central Business District — downtown Denver.

For the first eight months of this year, aggravated — or armed — assaults, went from 24 last year to 42 this year, a 75 percent increase. There were 18 forcible sex offenses last year, 27 in the first eight months of this year.

While there were 22 simple assaults last year in the Central Business District, so far this year, there have been 54, a 145.5 percent increase.

“We’re aware of it, we’re addressing it and we shift resources to impact it,” said Murray. “But there’s a point where there’s only so much you can do.”

Dan Lickteig, who has managed a Sunglass Hut store on Denver’s 16th street mall for five years, said he has noticed the changes.

“Yes, I have noticed an increase but do I feel more at risk? No, just more aware. I’m noticing more crime in general,” said Lickteig.

He noted the 16th Street Mall feels, “A little bit edgier than three years ago.”

What’s driving the increase in downtown crime?

Lt. Murray said there is no simple answer. Instead he said there are a variety of factors like a struggling economy. He said the police department looks at other issues like recreation center hours being cut back, grant money slashed and a police department with fewer resources to address crime.

CBS4 has also learned the police department is looking at the conduct of its own officers, and how that is impacting crime patterns. Information released to CBS4 by DPD shows that after certain high profile police discipline cases, proactive police work dropped off citywide.

When a videotape was released in April showing two officers tussling with citizens, the two officers were fired for lying about what happened. The next month, May, police activity charts show a distinct drop off in proactive police work.

“We are aware of that,” said Murray, “and commanders are aware of that and they are addressing it in their own respective manners. It’s clear to us that events and morale of the officers impacts the way they perform. We know crime is impacted by proactive efforts of police. Proactive police work does impact crime.”

DPD says to lessen the chances of being a victim of violent crime downtown, leave the area before midnight.

“Consistently these crimes occur during early morning hours,” said Murray.

Be observant and pay attention to who is around you. Travel in pairs or groups and call a cab if you have been drinking.

Murray says over indulgence in alcohol has been a major factor in who is targeted. The majority of victims were intoxicated according to Murray and in some cases, “They don’t have a clue who assaulted them.”

ADDITIONAL RESOURCES: 2011 Crime Statistics

Comments (102)
  1. Jackson Wallace says:

    COlorado is a state of angry right-wingers and discharged military nutcases.
    Meanwhile, righties want to blame everyone except their own stupid economy-destroying policies. Yawn, more ignorance coming in America. Enjoy yourselves.

    1. Marshall says:

      Jackson Wallace is proud to be a traitor to his own race.

      It isn’t Mexicans killing people — it’s “angry right-wingers and discharged military nutcases”.

      You read that right. “[A]ngry right-wingers”, like those “neo-Nazi” serial killers you watch every night on that utterly faithful reflection of reality, ‘Law & Order’.

      Anything but what it really is: this is in the unvarying formula of the Left’s exculpation of non-white criminality.

  2. ducesblackshirt says:

    Probably middle American teabaggers who are visiting. It’s not the crown jewels of the left, blacks and mexicans, who are committing the majority of crime in this country. Probably whites of western european descent with some crime sprinkled in from those dangerous east Asians.

    1. Marshall says:



      But dude, the blacks REALLY BELIEVE THIS. What a life. What a country.

  3. The Phoenix says:

    “we believe it’s a problem and we’re working on it but it’s nothing to alarm people and make them believe they live in an unsafe city,” ”

    Say what??? They completely avoided the fact that a very large majority of the crimes being committed in LoDo are racially motivated attacks against whites. It started late in summer 2010 and is still going on. The mayor doesn’t want people to stop going to Rockies games or spending money downtown, so they don’t even bother warning people. On top of that fact, Denver is also a sanctuary city, which invites illegal gang activity. Coming soon to Boulder!

  4. azbosslady says:

    It’s because the libs are running the place now. When I lived there it was a nice, safe, wonderful city. Now, not so much.

  5. gutsygirl says:

    Denver legalized marijuana. End of story.

    1. gutsygirl is dumb says:

      can you be any more stupid?

      Probably not.

  6. Thinkist says:

    The people of Denver have nothing to worry about beacuse after every assault, stabbing and murder the cops are only 3 minutes away.

  7. Thomas says:

    I am sure this has NOTHING to do with the decriminalization of marijuana.

    1. The Phoenix says:

      I don’t smoke marijuana and I think your coment is completely unfounded and ignorant. You obviously have a dog in this fight. Are you Dan Caplis?

    2. Marshall says:

      Another dodge. It isn’t Mexicans, it’s marijuana. It isn’t Mexicans, it’s “conditions”. It isn’t Mexicans, it’s a sanctuary city. It isn’t Mexicans, it’s “ignorant racists”. It isn’t Mexicans, everyone needs to pray and watch more TV. It isn’t Mexicans, it isn’t, it just isn’t!

  8. Hank Warren says:

    Diversity, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our rights:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama, vote for Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

  9. Logan5 says:

    If “Diversity is Our Strength (TM)”, then wouldn’t more diversity equal greater strength? And wouldn’t it therefore follow that maximum diversity would make us as strong as we could possibly be?

    Well then, let’s test that theory shall we? If diversity truly equals strength then more diversity of, say, languages spoken would equal greater strength, correct? Therefore, if each person in this country spoke and understood his own unique language (maximum diversity) we would just be rolling in “strength”, right? Of course not! We would be unable to work cooperatively to accomplish anything because it would be impossible to communicate!

    You don’t have to take this example to the logical extreme that I just did to prove that diversity is at best a neutral quality, and at worst a destructive one. To stick with language for a moment, we all intuitively know that the current growth of PC bi-lingual services, product labeling, signage, etc. is a bad thing for the long-term cohesiveness of our country. If you don’t believe me, see: Quebec.

    Beyond mere language, though, is the broader issue of culture. This is what PC liberals are really getting at when they push “diversity.” Oh, they cloak it in the guise of racial diversity, but race in and of itself is a neutral quality (or should be). Why should we care if the racial makeup of the country changes so long as we continue to agree on the fundamental principles (culture) that America is founded upon? I believe that most Americans, of whatever race, do agree for the most part on those principles.

    Yet liberals work tirelessly to destroy the authentic American culture that has unified us throughout our history, and seek to supplant it with divisive multi-culturalism. Unless you’re intentionally on a mission to destroy the country (and I think they are) this is insane. There is not one example in all of human history of a successful multi-cultural society. And for good reason.

    When a nation’s people cannot agree on a common language, culture, and border unity is impossible and strife, sometimes leading to civil war, is inevitable. We are idiots if we think that our experiment in multi-culturalism will end any differently.

    1. israel cohen says:

      When we say “OUR” strength, we jews are referring to ourselves.

    2. Carol says:

      Very well said.

    3. Thinkist says:

      Logan5 is right. Look what happened when India tried to accomodate muslim extremists who wouldn’t assimilate and finally kicked them out to form what is now Pakistan. So guess what–now Pakistan wants to bomb India.

      The only answer is assimilate or GTFO.

    4. The Phoenix says:

      I totally agree. The problem is that the liberals don’t want a melting pot, they want a salad bowl.

    5. wrong in every way says:

      the wrong in here is unbelievable.

      American is made up off millions and millions of immigrants, who all came here NOT speaking English.

      We are probably THE most diverse nation in the world.

      The problem is YOU and your ignorant, scared fools who like what you say. But keep thinking “minorities” are the problem while the rich pay no taxes, move your jobs overseas, send you and your children to die in pointless wars and pollute your country.

      1. Marshall says:

        “American is made up off millions and millions of immigrants,”

        Former immigrants, all white, most Northern European, i.e. not disposed to violent criminal activity. Southern Italians brought the Mafia, and even that was an organization that could be attacked directly, today extinct.

        “who all came here NOT speaking English.”

        Fallacy. Race, not language, is the problem.

        “We are probably THE most diverse nation in the world.”

        And it worked — until Jews unleashed the blacks and brought in the Mexicans.

        “The problem is YOU and your ignorant, scared fools who like what you say.”

        Yea. We’re killing people in Denver. Whatever you say, little woman.

        “But keep thinking “minorities” are the problem while the rich pay no taxes, move your jobs overseas, send you and your children to die in pointless wars and pollute your country.”

        With non-whites.

  10. ed357 says:


    will get your a$$ killed.

  11. Ben says:

    The sole reason for the increase in crime is the presence of non whites…………period! And it will only get worse…..

  12. Massimo Deportado says:

    Democrat mayor, check.
    Gun Control, check.
    Illegals, check.
    Stupid guilty white liberals voting, check.
    Legalized dope, check.
    Crime out-of-control, check.
    Police overwhelmed, check.

    A perfect DNC success story!

  13. Capt Reynault says:

    Disarm the potential prey and the murder and assault rates go up. Whoodah thunk? Reap the whirlwind, sheeples.

  14. clearfund says:

    This is horrible reporting. The lead sentence “Murders in Denver are up 138.5 percent for the first eight months of this year” is sensational.

    However, nowhere in the article to they mention actual numbers on murders. They mention actual numbers for other crimes, but not the big headline..why??? Probably because its a very small number/change.

    going from 1 murder to 3 murders is a 200% increase. How about some real reporting vs. headline writing. Give us the facts.

  15. John says:

    Direct correlation between the amount of illegals and the amount of crime. Anyone denying that is a liar.

  16. daniel says:

    Detroit of the west.

  17. Americaintrouble says:

    I think “diversity” is highly overrated. Some of the least diverse nations on earth are the best places to live. Example, how many illegal aliens do we need to be “diverse” enough?

    Diversity is code for, “you must put up with anything and everything and say nothing negative about it”.

  18. Scudbuster says:

    Get a Glock –
    and be ready to rock!

  19. Chris Dees says:

    This is such a nice legacy from hyper-lib ex-Mayor Hickenlooper who has gone on to bigger and better things as Governor. Way to go Colorado, you have let the idiot Californian transplants and your own new-found elitist leanings make your state more dangerous for your children. Here’s a prediction; the crime rate will continue to rise in the coming years because we keep putting radicals in places of power.

  20. astralweeks says:

    What? I thought Denver was just one big liberal love fest?

  21. Out of the Fray says:

    Welcome to the Chicago Way……..

  22. Alex says:

    Interesting that Denver seems to be having more problem than other Colorado cities… wonder if this has anything to do with their severely stricter gun laws?

    1. Bill says:


      less strict than the rest of the state. Where would you go if you were a criminal. I would go to the easy pickens.

  23. Udo says:

    With Denver one of the top destination points for Hispanic Illegals, it’s not surprise. This is the price for lax immigration enforcement folks…..lots of murders, rapes and assaults. Victims of these crimes can ‘thank’ their neighborhood Liberal.

  24. Chris Dyer says:

    Yes! Diversity. And the truth is, it would do well to remember that, young black folks – and all of the people – if you wish to live and THRIVE within any society. It IS easy – just contribute and all good things will follow.

  25. Bruce In Denver says:

    Criminals have been “rolling drunks” for at least several centuries, if not for thousands of years. It’s just that now, they’re a lot more sophisticated about it. Every group that goes out drinking needs to have a “dedicated security” person, just like they have a designated driver. The person should be armed, if possible. We can’t expect the police to protect us. That’s one reason for the 2nd Amendment.

  26. Logan5 says:

    Much of this problem leads straight back to Hickenlooper.

    He wanted to make Denver resemble San Francisco (his model city) by pushing a number of initiatives designed to promote a modern version of Bohemianism. This inevitably changed the character of downtown from what was once primarily a daytime business district to a round-the-clock anything goes playground.

    Much of the transformation of downtown occurred before Hickenlooper came along, of course, and much of it was for the better but the post-Hickenlooper downtown is a noticeably dirtier, grittier, and more dangerous one. Just take a walk down the 16th Street mall of today and compare it to several years ago. What do you see? More panhandlers, more aimless, defiant kids, and a less-refined, countercultural vibe. It just doesn’t feel nearly as much like Denver as it used to and instead seems much more like every other troubled city run by liberals.

    This atmosphere then becomes the catalyst that combines a plethora of bars with mobs of the usual suspects and an unending supply of naive, mostly white prey to create a toxic reaction. Add in the fact that as crime increases, responsible and sane people begin avoiding downtown (thus turning it over to the thugs and their mostly liberal victims) and the downward trajectory becomes a certainty.

    None of this should come as a surprise. Liberals have done this to dozens of other cities. Denver is just their latest victim.

  27. John D says:

    Diversity is our greatest strength! Enjoy the blessings.

  28. SAD says:

    I lived in Denver for 11 years and moved to MI and was shocked
    to see how the Black people kill each other daily. Or attack the hard working
    people in the state. Like a couple in there 70’s getting gas. We came
    back to Denver for a wedding and the 16th street mall was full of pot heads
    and low lifes. So we went to Boulder and the mall there. All day it was people
    bagging for POT Money. We left after seeing 3 men peeing on the mall street.

    We will vist Colorado again… But we will never go into Denver or Boulder Again !

    SAD…….SO VERY …………SAD……………

  29. floridalee says:

    As in every other major metropolitan area, it is the blacks who are causing the majority of the crime and making our cities unsafe places in which to live.
    Only when whites take personal responsibility for their own protection and start sending these societal misfits to hell will America once again be a fit place to live.

  30. Wyo says:

    Funny how nobody says this could be a result of Denver’s stricter gun laws. That couldn’t possibly be a cause. Sanctuary city, criminals knowing law abiding citizens cannot protect themselves, no…there’s no way that could possibly be the reason crime and murders have increased.

    1. Marshall says:

      And just couldn’t be blacks and Mexicans. Have to look for some other cause, no matter how external to the race of the perpetrators of violent crimes. It’s a “sanctuary city”; these genius criminals “know” law-abiders can’t protecy themselves, so they rationally decide to move in and bully abiders out. Or it’s “conditions”. Or something else.

      Never must it be their race, despite how closely “crime” seems to track their habitats. Remember when that “wave of crime” hit northern LA and TX after Katrina? Had nothing to do with all the blacks bused out of NOLA, surely. Must have been those pesky “conditions” …

      How about Georgetown, Guyana, with the highest murder rate in the world? Over 50% black. Most of these are East Indians murdered by blacks, or blacks by blacks. But that doesn’t mean “blackness” is to blame, which is “only skin color”. There is no other genetic / structural difference between anyone. There is literally ONE mutation separating us, related to skin pigmentation. Nothing else. We are genetically identical apart from that one little quirk! Really, it isn’t “blacks” … even where it is only blacks living … and killing …. and raping …

      Plaas Moorde, anyone? 40,000+ South African farmers murdered by blacks and not a word from Saint Oprah?

      Ah well. White people believed the diversity-is-grand myth, and they reap the reality.

  31. Chris Dyer says:

    I used to live in S.Colorado. As far as I remember, Denver (Liberal) is just about the only place in the State in which Concealed Carry – and it”s deterrent effect – is not allowed, hence no fear in the minds of lawbreakers. Time to wake up to reality?

  32. Mike says:

    Not enough resources? Cut narcotics! It’s about time we end this devastating drug war. Why is it so important to keep prohibition alive when all it does is promote violence and wasteful spending? Is anyone else tired of watching the cities bleed?

  33. joe says:

    I would like to see some statistics on the approval of the medicinal marijuana law, drug usage, and crime. I don’t know any of the stats, but it would be interesting to see if there’s any linkage with the fact that there are now more “medicinal marijuana” shops in Denver than Starbucks…

  34. CO_Native says:

    Things just haven’t been the same since the DNC convention came through in ’08.

  35. Jericho says:

    The dead run the city and the living are preyed upon by the dead. Who will save us from this horror? Oh that’s right, Christ Jesus our Lord. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

    1. TJG says:

      If you can find a way to keep the dead from voting it would also help.

      1. Brad says:

        God is a Democrat. How can we know that? Because that’s the way the dead always vote.

  36. Chance Taylor says:

    What’s driving the increase in downtown crime?… Minorities, also commonly known at Democrats

  37. Garth says:

    Hmm, sounds like some of the thugs here in Atlanta have moved west.

  38. Mike G says:

    Unfortunately you are right and also unfortunately it is not PC to say it out loud or do anything about it (yet).

  39. MarkF says:

    Thats why I left that POS state after living in Denver for over 22 years and moved my white ass to Montana. Denver has become a dumping ground over the last 10 years and its Justice system is one of the worst in the nation!!


  40. Lori says:


    I hope your comments were based on the lower socio-economic ‘blacks’ that have been dealt a tough hand in life and not just based on the color of one’s skin. It’s easy for a racist to lump everyone that looks different into the same category, it’s honorable to draw lines based upon living conditions, economic worries, and how they were raised — despite their skin color. Maybe Obama didn’t do much for their self-worth, and maybe you could go help.

    1. CaptHook says:

      The government deliberately deals these people BETTER cards than everyone else gets, but they simply misplay those cards.

      1. JL says:

        Don’t call my bluff

      2. Phillep Harding says:

        The ones getting all the help started off better than I did, and they are still better off than I am, being below the poverty line, technically homeless, don’t have big screen TV, etc. But so many of them think I have it better than they do and should pay their welfare, because I’m mostly white. I feel nothing but contempt for those self pitying losers.

    2. MikeJ says:

      Hey Lori…what ‘tough hand’ have they been dealt? That they were born the 3rd, or 4th generation to be dependent on welfare and other handouts? That they were born into a socio-group the males of which see it a rite of passage to procreate with as many females as possible and then leave them to fend for themselves and child? That the females see having children as a ticket for a free ride via welfare, Section 8, food stamps? Which of those is the tough hand to which you refer?

      We can solve a whole lot of societies woes by starting with re-establishing a normal nuclear family structure, IMHO.

      1. John says:

        “–Hey Lori…what ‘tough hand’ have they been dealt? –“

        Maybe she meant the tough hand of being born as a member of a group whose average IQ is 85, which certainly makes it more difficult to achieve in life. Now, it is unfortunate having a low IQ, but more unfortunate is blaming a biological reality on the tired canards of “white privilege”, and evil “white racism” for groups that lag behind and commit crimes at hugely disproportionate rates. That’s the real racism; blaming one group (whites) for the actions of other groups (blacks/hispanics). It is Orwellian.

    3. underdog says:

      You can’t polish a turd no matter how hard you rub.

    4. Marshall says:


      “Violent crime is up. Hey, so are numbers of Mexicans and blacks. Unless fewer whites are committing more crimes, which ain’t how whites act, these must be related.”

      “QUACK! It isn’t ‘skin color’, it’s conditions! QUAAAAACK!”

      And so it goes, parsing reality to suit one’s prejudiced narrative.

  41. Jake says:

    Paul, you hit hit the nail on the head. Denver is well on the way to becoming just another crime infested welfare state attractive to illegal immigrants just like every other city dominated by liberals – Chicago, New York, San Fransisco, Los Angeles et al…

  42. JustAGuy says:

    Denver is a Democrat run city, uh huh. No suprises there.

    Every violent city in the US is also a city run by Democrats. Guaranteed!

  43. john says:

    I’m tired of Police departments saying they don’t have enough resources to deal with things like this but there are plenty for traffic violations and other areas where they can generate revenue.

    1. Bill says:

      Police forces are not in place to raise revenue!

      1. Jim K says:

        Bill, you are correct however revenue raising does become one of their primary functions.

  44. spectrawatt says:

    How many more Illegals does Denver have from just a few yrs ago?

    1. Richard Henkle says:

      138% – sorry i don’t actually believe that, just couldn’t resist.

  45. MikeJ says:

    Funny how Californias head to Colorado, Utah, Texas to escape what was going in in CA, but then want their new home state to be just like CA. Stop the insanity people.

    1. Randy Roberts says:

      It was only a matter of time before the in-migration from California and other places, not so nice, began to ruin parts of Colorado, especially the Front Range. Hard to see this happen in my lifetime.

    2. ADM says:

      It’s the same here in New Hampshire. Liberals have moved here from Massachusetts and other states for a “better life”, but still vote Democrat. Many in southern NH still commute to jobs in MA. Soon, it will be just as expensive up here. They’re just going to have a much longer commute.

    3. Whitey Ford says:

      EXACTLY Mike. Californians ruin everyplace they flee to.

  46. david says:

    138% increase in the Murder rate is nothing to be concerned about? The city is still safe? How much have these people bilked from the people in the name of terrorism?

    1. Roze says:

      You’re right David, it isn’t “terrorists” we need to worry about. They’ve created a matrix and no one can tell what reality is anymore. This whole thing will blow soon enough.

    2. barack obama says:

      Here’s you “Hope and Change” I promised…wanted to leave something behind after the Democratic Convention…..but if you egg heads give me another 455 bil….it’ll be better. I promise…

    3. Chris says:

      How many of these were committed by the criminal police? My guess, most of them. Why do we let people like Devon Sparks have a badge and a gun. You can watch his violent atrocities on you tube under “police officers suspended”. I will always carry a video camera and a gun when I am in Denver. Violent force will be met with justifiable force.

  47. Paul says:

    That’s becasue all the Republicans are leaving in droves due to liberalism destorying what was an amazing state.

    1. DenverStinks says:

      True. Was just there. Legalized Marijuana has turned Denver into a turd-world s*** hole.

      1. Bryan Cook says:


        Have you ever heard of a violent crime committed by someone high on weed?

      2. Bryan, you speak as if pot growers are the most hospitable people on the planet, and not at all armed with guns to kill threats to their stashes.

        1. asdf says:

          um. people don’t kill people for pot.

          It what confused stupid world do you live in?

      3. Richard Henkle says:

        nono patriot, You have your cause and effect wrong. If pot was legal (federally) the growers would not need to have guns.

  48. Barry Soetoro says:

    Increase in crime in a Democrat run sanctuary city? I`m shocked!

    1. Jack says:

      agreed…how could that happen?

    2. Jeff says:

      Isn’t the town the Halfro thug chose for his ‘Greek Pillar’ address in 2008 ?

      1. Jeff says:

        “Isn’t THIS the town….”

      2. VIVA LA RAZA! says:



      4. Christus Regeln says:

        Which is exactly why I carry a 9mm whenever I go into Denver.



        I just reported you to http://www.AttackWatch.net

    3. roughman says:

      It’s just a statistical anomoly…

    4. Professoran says:

      Agree 100%

    5. Whitey Ford says:

      Exactly. Look at the increase in illegals next to the crime increase. The association is obvious to anyone but a brain dead liberal. Liberal policies toward illegals have consequences Denver, so enjoy what you brought on youreslves. Ah ha.

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