DENVER (AP) – Republican party officials say they want a Congressional ethics investigation into a television ad that features President Barack Obama’s speech on the House floor.

The Denver Post reports Sunday on its political blog that the Republican National Lawyers Association told the paper the ad violates House Ethics Rule 5.

That rule bars live broadcast recordings in the House chamber from being used for political purposes.

The ethics complaint targets Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who chairs the Democratic National Committee and allegedly gave permission for the ad.

It features Obama speaking to both chambers on Congress on Sept. 8. It aired in Colorado and other states, including Ohio and Virginia.

Messages left by The Associated Press for officials at the Democratic National Committee were not immediately returned.

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  1. boldaq says:

    Aw, he didn’t know. He just works there.
    They don’t call him ‘Obozo’ for nothing.

  2. rich 7837 says:

    This crooked SOB would do anything to get re-elected, even though he is the least productive of any president in history!

  3. Jim Freilinger says:

    Doesn’t everyone know by now- Obsama is above the law and so is his entire family!!

  4. J.a. Baldridge says:

    The repubs crying about ethics? If they were to look in the mirror they would see where the most serious ethical breeches are.

  5. Jay says:

    Do we as a Nation Really Have the time or money to “Investigate” something so unnecessary.

  6. RICK says:

    give a break the GOP are cry babies. THE GOP CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH.

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