DENVER (CBS4)- A jury found an Iraq War veteran guilty of killing his girlfriend and covering it up by staging a car accident at about 4 p.m. Friday.

Brittney Brashers and Robert Walters were having an affair and living with her in Colorado Springs where she was stationed in the military.

Brashers, 22, was found dead in her car with Walters, 25, in Nov. 2010 after a car accident in the 100 block of South Yuma Street.

brittany brashers Iraq War Veteran Found Guilty Of Killing Girlfriend, Covering Up With Car Accident

Brittney Brashers (credit: CBS)

Police said their investigation revealed that Walters had murdered Brashers and drove the vehicle into parked cars to make it appear as if her death was a result of the accident.

During the trial, prosecutors claimed the two had an argument earlier that day and that Walters beat Brashers to death and then staged the wreck to cover it up.

In taped conversations Walters also told his wife that he killed Brashers and covered it up by wrecking the car.

The defense argued that Brashers died in the wreck and that it can’t be proved she was killed before hand. They also say that Walters made up the story to his wife to scare her into leaving him because he didn’t love her anymore.

Walters was found guilty of first degree murder in the death of Brashers. He was also found not guilty of solicitation to commit murder in a separate incident in which he allegedly paid an inmate he met in jail to kill his wife.

Walters faces life in prison without parole when he is sentenced on Oct. 24.


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