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DENVER (CBS4) – A Denver woman who was inside one of the Twin Towers on Sept. 11 is hoping her story of survival will inspire others.

Lovie Cunningham was on her first day of work in Tower 2 when the hijacked plane hit Tower 1.

“I turned to my left and I saw this huge ball and then it became a huge ball of smoke and someone yelled out, ‘Oh my God, there’s been an explosion,'” Cunningham said.

Cunningham says a co-worker helped her get out moments before the second plane hit. She calls that man her guardian angel.

Cunningham says she’s been to Ground Zero several times since the attacks and tries to envision the Twin Towers still standing.

“I know that it was there and I know that it happened. I’m not in denial but I just choose to keep the positive,” Cunningham said.

Cunningham credits God for helping her get out safely. She shares her story to help others stay positive and encourages people to smile and enjoy every moment of their lives.