CASTLE PINES, Colo. (CBS4) – The owners of a home in Douglas County say they feel like they are being stalked by bears.

The Duncan family says two bears keep coming back and hanging out in their yard.

“I was really scared. My heart was pounding. I thought about Sibby and just keeping all of us safe from the bear,” said Elizabeth Duncan.

Duncan said she first spotted one of the bears when it was drinking from a fountain in the backyard of her home, located in Castle Pines near Interstate 25.

The screams of Sibby, Elizabeth’s 19-month-old daughter, scared the bear off. But a bear — possibly the same one — returned in the middle of the night.

“The bear had apparently opened this door and taken all of the garbage and just made a giant buffet of wrappers and fruit and diapers,” she said.

Then a brazen bear showed up the next day. The family spotted it three different times.

“He was just lounging there like he was poolside, just hanging out,” she said.

Elizabeth’s shouts didn’t scare the bear off.

“I just yelled ‘Get off my property.’ I didn’t really know what else to say. I don’t know if it would have mattered if I yelled my grocery list to him,” she said.

She contacted the state’s Division and Wildlife and they told her to spray bear mace and throw rocks in an effort to try to discourage the bears from returning.

Officials said this kind of bear behavior at this time of year is not that unusual. Their goal is always trying to get the bears to leave peacefully. If that doesn’t happen, or if the bear gets aggressive, they say they would be forced to remove it.

Comments (12)
  1. Richard Brunson says:

    I’m thinking it would be better to shoot a bunch of the people that live there instead. Why kill the bears the people are the ones who suck.

  2. bearly edumacated says:

    Its likely just a ”black bear” that is colored brown….if you wanna limit wildlife turn off the fountain remove water features its a watering hole — you just set up a wildlife preserve.,.. stop feeding them (ie you trash should be locked up .. try the garage) Typically it sounds like this lady got what she deserves… she sent out the invitation… and rings the dinner bell, then complains BOO WHO… educate yourself. .

  3. Castle Rock Resident says:

    I think people like this woman fail to remember that most of Douglas County is out in the “COUNTRY”. We live in THEIR TERRITORY. Just because we have neighbors on top of each other does not mean we live in the city. Therefore, people need to live like they live in the country. Clearly this woman does not. Like bearly edumacated said above….she pretty much gave wildlife an open invitation….put up a good fence, and put your trash in the garage…to name a few. And throw rocks? lol Live in the country, you better have guns. @@

  4. Bear Friend says:

    The bears have been living there in Castle Pines long before it was being developed. These people moved into bear country and are now complaining. Get educated about this, and clean up, lock up, and your problem will be corrected. You can move back to the city if it’s to big a problem for you. In the end this stupid homeowner will cause the end of these bears. Nice job Mrs. Duncan!

  5. deb in colorado says:

    Looks like your house was built in their back yard and you do live in Colorado where wildlife is abundant everywhere. I say admire the bears, deal with it properly and they will move on.

  6. Don Carlon says:

    maybe you people who complain about bears should move back to what ever state your from ! most of us who are real colorado resident wouldnt miss tou at all !

    1. James says:

      I Agree! As a native Coloradan, I can say I have NO IDEA why people keep moving here – mostly from California. They have changed the political climate, drove up housing prices, and you cannot go anywhere with there being tons of people. Colorado is now full and definately not the wonderful Colorado I grew up in… folks move else where consider Montana or somewhere else.
      She is probably from L.A. and not sure what to make of bears and squirrels and things.

  7. Don Carlon says:

    us a name coward

  8. Cata says:

    Once you attract a bear to your property (garbage, bird food, etc) they will keep coming back. Air horns work pretty well (like your daughter screaming) as bears have sensitive ears. Bears are trying to fatten up before hibernation right now, so make sure you aren’t enticing them to your property.

  9. Dan says:

    Bears are wonderful, and children’s safety takes priority. We got the reverse 911 in Parker and if a bears threatens my wife or neighbors than S & W will respond.

  10. Cata says:

    Just showing up is not necessarily a threat–many bears have shown up at my home in Estes but have never posed a threat. However, get between a bear and a food source or between a sow and her cubs, then you have a serious problem. If you live in bear country, you need to be proactive and learn how to prevent bear visitations and how to understand when a bear is a true threat and when and how to respond.

  11. Cata says:

    For those of us who live in bear country, the Division of Wildlife has some great tips:

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