THORNTON, Colo. (CBS4)- A toddler in Thornton is recovering after snacking on cookies made with marijuana. That child’s parents are facing charges.

Police said Amy and Eric Ready were arrested for child abuse and marijuana possession shortly after taking their 3-year-old to Children’s Hospital after the toddler became lethargic.

The parents are suspected of having “pot infused” cookies stashed inside a kitchen cupboard.

Three children living in that home — ages 13, 7 and 3 — ate the cookies. The teen was apparently looking for a snack and found the cookies.

“They grabbed the snack, these cookies. Gives it to the 7 and 3-year-olds. The 7-year-old takes one bite and says this is disgusting. The 3-year-old eats two of them,” said North Metro Drug Task Force spokesman Jerry Peters.

North Metro Drug Task Force officers said they’re seeing more children ending up in the emergency room with cases similar to this, especially as medical marijuana becomes more prevalent and pot infused products are more common in homes.

Police said the Readys are not medical marijuana patients.

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  1. Amy B. says:

    They must have really bad glaucoma or back pain to qualify for the pot cookies. Although I doubt either case is legitimate.

  2. Lisa says:

    So these two wastoids had pot cookies in their cupboard? Yeah, that’s the situation on every block of the entire metro area. Must’ve been a slow news day.

  3. Marget Hathaway says:

    While children shouldn’t ingest cannabis, it did not harm them.According to a DEA Judge, cannabis is one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to man…

    Cannabis is SAFER than water, SAFER than most foods, and has NEVER caused a death via overdose.

    1. A Medical Doctor says:

      I hope you aren’t breeding. The operative words in your idiotic post are” children shouldn’t eat cannabis.”
      As far as its safety is concerned, perhaps I should introduce you to the many lung cancer patients I’ve treated who have never smoked one cigarette but spent years smoking pot.

      1. Jewels says:

        Dear “A Medical Doctor”
        How much time did you spend in Medical school? Did you bother actually reading through your textbooks and actually studying? Lunch Cancer is mostly associated with direct contact into the lungs. The infant “injested” it and did not smoke it!

    2. teremist says:

      If you think that chemicals that change the way the brain functions are safe for children, it must be the pot talking. It is not an educated medical opinion.

  4. F.P. says:

    All you people need to shut your mouths. Don’t judge people by the halfast story in the news. You all wouldn’t like it if you were getting judged over something that others only knew half of. What if those cookies weren’t even maid for them. What if they were made for their dying uncle who had lung cancer. Just think of that before you judge others. I mean nobody is perfect. And accidents happen. That’s what makes us human. But yes this could have been avoided.

  5. SMK says:

    First of all, while it’s very stupid to have the stuff around your house and not well hidden , the article clearly says the cookies were stashed in a cupboard and the teen is the one who got them down. They weren’t out on the kitchen cabinet or a cookie jar. To charge them with child abuse is absolutely absurd in my opinion. It was a dumb thing to do, but it was an accident and they took the child to the ER, when they could have easily avoided getting in to trouble at all and not taking the child anywhere. I would love to know how parents who make dumb mistakes get charged with child abuse while other parents throw their children out on the street and do not cloth them or make them go to school, but yet Social Services and the police do nothing about it. I do not condone what these parents did at all, but for all anyone knows these children are very well taken care of and loved and this accident happened. It’s obvious that the police and social services like the easy cases that don’t take much time or effort.

  6. Kora says:

    Kudos to these two for raising children who share.

  7. RAM says:

    I’ve never heard of anyone being injured or dying from the use of pot. the effect wear off well within 12 hours for anyone. EVEN A CHILD. These people are probably hardworking, middle class Americans, just like the rest of you. The article clearly states they took their child to the emergency room because he was lethargic. If they had knownlingly gave him pot would they care about their child’s condition? They were obviously worried about the state of their child due to this unfortunate accident. The real victims here are the parents who have judged in the public eye, and it would be an injustice in the American court system to convict them.

  8. D & J in Denver says:

    Oh good grief!!! Yes the child was hurt (but not forever), yes the cookies were clear back in the back of the cabinet. Yes, the law stepped in … OF COURSE THE LAW STEPPED IN! Be it right or wrong what we all do and are accidently prone to do is ALWAYS STEPPED IN BY THE LAW!. This is just ridiculous. Now the couple are going to made an *example” of. All the wonderful things that MMJ does for those who truly need it is now going to the wayside, so that the Law Enforcement can make an example and a point to all others. Its not a big deal. C’mon people do you remember back ….pot has always been a BAD THING. Is it? Is it really that bad. You know yourself if you were a teenager and even earlier in life and you smoked pot. Is there something wrong with you now

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