DENVER (CBS4)- The family of Anna Beninati, the teen who fell while attempting to board a train, which severed her legs, released a statement on Friday.

“Anna is awake and understands the extent of her injuries. She is surrounded by family and friends at her bedside who are offering comfort and support.

Anna is a vibrant young woman who combines her passion for music with a passion for helping autistic children, having mentored these special children while in high school. Anna found the best of both words at CSU, where she has chosen to major in music therapy and eventually work with children with autism spectrum disorders.

We appreciate the heartwarming of support shown to Anna by the community and her new friends in Fort Collins. We are also grateful for the care she is receiving at Denver Health Medical Center.

Anna’s close friends know her by Rush, a nickname she earned from a school teacher not by rushing through assignments, but for her eagerness to see what is next. Anna is an adventurer by heart, and we believe this experience will make her stronger on her next adventure.”

Beninati, 17, is a freshman at Colorado State University. She fell on Sept. 5 while attempting to board a train in Longmont. Anna was airlifted to Denver Health Medical Center and remains in serious condiiton.

Police said Beninati, along with her friends, three males ages 17 to 20, were in Denver earlier Monday when they were dropped off in Longmont to try and catch the train so they could get to Fort Collins. Beninati apparently tried to hop onto the train as it moved northbound about 18 mph on the tracks, but in her attempt she slipped and fell underneath the train causing it to run over her legs.

Her legs were severed at the knees as a result.

Comments (5)
  1. koali says:

    God Bless You dear. Thankful you weren’t alone. You will succeed !

  2. Rob Auerbach says:

    I’m so glad to hear you are doing well. All your friends said you were tough and you sure are proving it. Your still be able to pursue your dream of working with children with autism spectrum disorders.
    You’ll make a great teacher and your career path is a noble one!

    I’ll keep the prayers coming for you!
    All the very best,

  3. Heather says:

    I went to CSU and that train just became a way of life. People get so used to it coming through campus and when you get stopped by the train you learn just how close you can stand to it. But there is no freaking way I would ever even consider hopping on the train! I hope this young lady finds her new normal quickly and I hope her story will be a lesson and deterrent to others, but if I know anything about college kids, I know it won’t be.

    1. Don says:

      I’m sure she’ll appreciate your “positive” thoughts…. Grouch!

  4. Steve says:

    Certainly everyone wishes that this never happened but don’t ever say that this was ” an accident ” , it was not . It can be equated to taking a little cyanide , odds are created for injury. Accidents on the other hand are UNFORSEEN and UNCONTROLLED events ……get it !….now live it !!!

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