DENVER (CBS4) – Police from Denver have begun an investigation in Weld County after a body was discovered near some railroad tracks. They believe the remains found are that of Kenia Monge.

The stepfather of the 19-year-old from Aurora who went missing, says he thinks it is her body.

Authorities said they were following up on a tip about Monge when they initiated their search near Interstate 76 and Keenesburg.

The body was found about 2 miles southwest of Keenesburg, about 30 yards away from the tracks. Investigators say a positive identification and cause of death are still pending.

Tony Lee is the stepfather of Monge, who disappeared after visiting a Denver nightclub on April 1. He posted this message on his Facebook page on Wednesday: “WITH GREAT GREAT SADNESS I HAVE TO REPORT TO YOU THAT DENVER POLICE HAS CALLED ME AND THEY BELIEVE THEY HAVE FOUND KENIA. I DO NOT HAVE ANY MORE INFO AT THIS TIME, THE NEW CHANNELS HAVE ALREADY PICKED THIS UP THAT IS WHY I’M TELLING YOU NOW.”

A man named Travis Forbes told police he met Monge at a bar in LoDo the night of Monge’s disappearance.

Forbes, 31, says he dropped Monge off a Denver gas station later on. She hasn’t been seen since.

travis eugene forbes Police Believe Remains Found Are Kenia Monge

Travis Forbes (credit: Fort Collins Police)

Forbes was arrested by police in Fort Collins on July 11 in a separate case. They believe he is responsible for both the July 5 fire at an apartment complex there that was likely intentionally set and the assault on a 30-year-old female resident.

Comments (4)
  1. B. Dover says:

    This guy is probably the cousin of that guy from Aruba who is now in jail in Peru for murder charges.

  2. KSS says:

    Ok so that makes two bodies now found near the tracks on I-76 and Keensburg.. so why didn’t the police who were scouring the area when the guy was found find Kenia? I don’t know about you all but I don’t think I will be walking anywhere near the tracks in Keensburg!

    1. Jember says:

      Nowhere in the linked Cultnews racitle is any reference to Janeane Garofalo.As to Rush’s behavior, my guess would be he was probably strung out when he agreed to appear.

  3. ale says:

    Jason Segel is seriously a nice, nice guy. Never met David Spade but he was ayawls hella fun on everything he was in…

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