COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS4) – Three teens came under gunfire while going door-to-door for a fundraiser.

Police arrested Arthur Baldwin, 38, in connection with the incident. He’s accused of opening fire on three teenagers trying to raise money for their school, but he says it was out of self defense.

The teens ran away unharmed. The students were selling coupons in the neighborhood near Centennial Boulevard and Chuckwagon Road.

“We didn’t know there was a drunk dude there; and he started talking crazy to us so we tried to leave,” Antwan Outlaw said. “And he grabbed me and wouldn’t let me go. And then once he finally let me go, me and my friends ran up the hill and he chased us.”

Outlaw and the two others attend Coronado High School in Colorado Springs. The teens told police he seemed belligerent, was cursing and even said he’d shoot them. Just minutes before he had bought one of the fundraising cards the three students were selling.

The teens realized they were running the wrong direction and when they started to go back towards their car. That’s when they say they heard what they thought were two gun shots.

“My heart was beating fast and I just started to run,” Outlaw said.

Police surrounded Baldwin’s house but calls to come out were ignored at first.

“We hear the police department on the megaphone saying, ‘Hello Mr. Baldwin. This is the Colorado Springs Police Department, we want to talk to you, come out the front door with your hands up so we can see (them).’ He didn’t come out for over a half an hour,” witness Robert Johnson said.

Once Baldwin finally surrendered he told police, “I don’t know why you can’t defend yourself. I didn’t even shoot anybody.”

The football team does the fundraiser every year and players are given tips on how to stay safe during their sales calls. Currently there are no plans to change or pull the fundraiser.

Baldwin faces a charge of felony menacing and a misdemeanor weapon’s charge.