COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS4) – A Colorado Springs doctor is back at work, one month after he lost his family in a tragic accident in Wyoming.

Last month Dr. Alex Constantinides was camping in Wyoming with his wife and three daughters. Heavy rains forced them to evacuate their campground in the Medicine Bow National Forest.

While they were driving away, they crashed where a creek had washed out a bridge.

Victims Laurel Constantinides and her three daughters-- 8-year-old Hanna, 5-year-old Zoey and 2-year-old Lucia (credit: Facebook)

Laurel Constantinides and the girls died.

Dr. Constantinides told CBS4 partner KKTV over the weekend that being with his coworkers and patients helps him cope with his incredible loss.

“Giving care is a very different part of your brain than grieving and receiving care, and it’s a part of my brain that still works,” he said.

“Not everything in my brain is functioning right now. I did kiss my kids every day and I told them plenty of times every day how much I loved them and how important they were to me and I can live without guilt in that and I don’t ever have to second-guess that. I don’t ever have to second guess that my kids knew I loved them.”

A charity run was held over the weekend in memory of the victims.

The money raised will go to helping children in Chinese orphanages.

The couple had adopted all three girls.


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