FORT COLLINS, Colo. (CBS4) – Two football players on the Colorado State Rams were arrested at a large pool party over the weekend in Fort Collins.

Police say the back-to-school bash was heavily promoted on Facebook and held at an off-campus apartment complex, located at 2250 W. Elizabeth.

As many as 4,000 people were there, and in a video posted on YouTube young people are seen in swimsuits dancing to music and jumping in the pool.

The Fort Collins Coloradoan reports officers were overwhelmed by drunk partiers.

James Skelton, 21, the Rams’ starting middle linebacker, was cited for third degree assault.

Zachary Tiedgen, 21, is a backup defensive lineman. He was cited for disorderly conduct.

Daniel Rosselot, 20, was also cited for third degree assault. A fourth person, Dillon Lawrence, 19, was ticketed for interference with a peace officer.

Police are considering citing apartment managers for “nuisance gathering.”

Rams Coach Steve Fairchild said he was waiting until more facts came out about the incident before he would make a comment about the arrests.

Comments (6)
  1. romulus says:

    Throw them off of the team! If they cannot conduct themselves appropriately while in public then they have no business representing CSU.

    1. Mike says:

      Lighten up, they are college students and getting out of hand at a party does not translate to ruining their chance for an education. I think a stern talk from the coach will suffice.

      1. anonymous says:

        No, Mike, you listen up..when they agreed to attend CSU, they signed a student conduct form. If they cannot honor their commitments, then they need to experience the consequences. College student or not, this is life not a game! If you are in a notable position then you conduct yourself as such or you are removed from that position. Too many people willing to just give slaps on the wrist because they are athletes. They should not get any special favors and need to be treated just like every one else…PERIOD!

  2. romulus says:

    Third Degree Assault and Interference with a Peace Officer are not only “getting out of hand” but these are some serious charges, Mike. I am sure they thought hurting someone was fun but if you were the one being assaulted, I doubt that you would be happy if the only recourse was the coach giving them a ‘stern talk’. Put yourself in the shoes of the victims before commenting please!

  3. ap says:

    really, a college keg party. i cant believe it! i mean were they really dancing and jumping into the pool? this is just awful, i bet the music was too loud also! they really should just close the entire school! i mean why just pick on the football players. clearly the majority of the comments are coming from people who were never invited to any partys and are still bitter! but really, third degree assault means you may have put your hands on someone, and interference with a police office means he probably didnt shut up when the police told him to. they will all plead to disorderly conduct as no one was hurt.come on people.

  4. Renee Defibaugh says:

    wow one thousand pool No room fence. They playing swim, drunk in pool and smoke pool and fight pool. Who did saw there too many many people. it is crzy. Manaager said shut down closed pool early. How about family need swimming pool before closed next week. It is awfu. Looklike many many pool crowded at Japan and China. My pool cannot many people in pool. Must few people can swim. Awful crowded pool party. Facebook is not private. It is goosip and email and message. It is bad wow.

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