DENVER (CBS4) – At the end of the NFL lockout, the Broncos faced plenty of questions. Many are still unanswered, but at least they can check a few off the list.

At the start of training camp all the buzz focused on the quarterback position. Will Kyle Orton be traded? Was Tim Tebow time fast approaching? The answer to both turned out to be “no.”

Orton has clearly been the best quarterback, while Tebow is in a fight for the backup job.

If head coach John Fox was brought in to be the anti-Josh McDaniels, it’s working so far. Fox has hardly been a lightning rod for controversy, like his predecessor. Instead, he’s flown under the radar for the most part, while earning rave reviews from his players.

With a new head coach comes yet another change for the defense. The 4-3 alignment is back along with a new defensive coordinator — the sixth in the last six years. So far the change has paid off. The starting unit has yet to give up a touchdown in the preseason.


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