DENVER (CBS4)- Gov. John Hickenlooper is spending more than $200,000 to do something no other governor has done before. He’s asking state workers how they feel about their jobs.

The 2011 Employee Opinion Survey is completely anonymous so it allows people to give their honest thoughts about their job. To make sure the answers remain confidential, the results of the survey are being handled by a third party based out of New York.

Nearly 100,000 employees are being asked to fill out the form, which includes questions like how their supervisor treats them and if the amount of work they’re given is satisfactory.

The state will review the results of the 51-question survey. It’s being given to everyone who works for the state, including people working at universities and colleges to accountants and janitors.

“The state is very interested in hearing from its employees,” said Department of Personnel and Administration spokeswoman Kathy Nesbitt. “As I’ve told the governor, the employees are their best and valuable asset and so we need to hear from them.”

State employees have until Sept. 16 to complete the survey. The results should be available by October.

Comments (5)
  1. s.. says:

    I get hit up for money every day in Denver and he is spending 200k on this.. WOW

  2. ZZ says:

    I am unemployed after 16 years with my company. If any of these state workers are unhappy, I will happily do their job. My knowledge, skills and ability, as well as my work ethic are outstanding. Are you listening, Loop?

  3. Dave says:

    yeah, spend $200,000 on bus tickets for the very young pieces of human excrement that litter the intersections of Denver. Send them somewhere else and enforce the law of no loitering. the crime and emergency calls these people generate each day could easily equal that amount in revenue in a month. great job Mayor. another person who was elected without merit.

  4. denvervet says:

    This is going to open a up a can of worms. First of all state workers haven’t gotten a raise in years, they have antiques for equipment in their offices, etc. I worked there for a while, there are a few people who should not be in supervisorory positions and use those positions to me NOT NICE. Where I worked people worked very hard.

  5. citizen says:

    Hey, hickenlooper, I hope you are footing the cost of this…..

    What a waste of money

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