THORNTON, Colo. (CBS4)– A freshman at Northglenn High School was hit by a car while riding his bicycle to school on Monday morning.

The crash happened at about 6:30 a.m. at the intersection of Thornton Parkway and Huron in Thornton. Authorities said the teen was critically hurt after he apparently turned into traffic, against a green light.

After initially hitting one car he was thrown into the windshield of an oncoming car. CBS4 video showed a heavily damaged windshield at the scene of the crash.

A Flight for Life helicopter transported the teen to the hospital.

Authorities said the teenager wasn’t wearing a helmet and that a crossing guard who is at that intersection when students are walking across wasn’t there yet.

Officials are stressing caution at intersections for both drivers and bike riders with many schools now back in session.

“It’s extremely dangerous, especially through a busy intersection,” Thornton Officer Sam Vecchiarelli said. “They need to be very cautious and they need to cross with the crossing guards if they are there or they need to cross with the traffic lights and crossing signals.”

So far the student’s identity hasn’t been released.

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  1. sandstone says:


    1. B H says:

      “They” and “their” are gender-neutral pronouns commonly used in placed of gendered pronouns such as “he,” “she,” “his,” or “her.” The author made that choice either to protect the gender of the unidentified student, or because the author did not know the gender of the student.

      Welcome to the English language.

  2. CriticalMass says:

    Hey Sandstone…don’t be so tense.

    1. lantenec says:

      No s***. Sandstone, I only say this because I care: there are plenty of decaffeinated brands on the market that are just as tasty as the real thing…..

      1. Aj Edwards says:

        HA! “Real Genius” reference. Love it.

  3. Writer says:

    No kidding. Sandstone, did you also know that all caps is yelling on the computer? So while the real story was this poor kid, you made it about something completely unrelated. And guess what? People still understood what the article was about. Want another hint? One exclamation point is enough, and you should have a space between the punctuation and the next letter. The quotes should have been around the first sentence, since that was what you were pulling from the article. You should also have used commas in the correct places. Signed, MA in English (and while you’re learning better English yourself, get a life)

  4. susan says:

    maybe they did that since they are not releasing the name soyou wouldnt know gender. poor kid what a way to start the week

  5. Laura says:

    Sorry, but not much sympathy from me here. This is what can happen when you don’t pay attention to signs and signals and go right through them without looking. Only people I feel sorry for are the insurance companies that will have to pay this stupid kid’s medical bills. This “accident” didn’t have to happen at all. I’m sick of every day having to brake 20 times a day avoid bikes and pedestrians who are walking across my green light like they own the damn road.

  6. Aj Edwards says:

    Wow, that’s one way of getting out of going to school. 🙂 But, will probably have to repeat whatever grade s/he’s in, unfortunately.

    Somehow, bicycle fanatics will turn this around and blame the driver. But, finally, an example of bicyclists who want the right to use the road, but not obeying the rules of the road.

    Bicylcle’s should be licensed like vehicles. This way, they can also be ticketed for breaking the rules of the road (and also be busted by the red light camera’s in Boulder).

  7. Michele says:

    Poor kid is right. I know how horrible the parents felt and how bad the child’s condition is. They eople are very close friends of mine! It’s pretty sad when an adult has to take their frustrations of a bad morning out on a mistake that this child made! He’s paying the price now and a long recovery ahead of him. You should really be ashamed of yourselves. It was an accident and he poor gentleman that hit him feels absolutelty horrible! Grow up people and pick on someone your own age and move on! My prayers are with the family. Thank god he is going to be o.k.

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