DENVER (CBS4) – Police have found the ATM that crooks stole after they crashed a truck into a convenience store.

The thieves drove right into a store on South Broadway in Denver on Monday. Officers found the ATM in the back of the abandoned pickup truck used in the crime.

Officers say the pickup truck had been stolen right before it was used to bash through the building. Both were found on South Zuni in Sheridan.

Police have no suspects.

  1. P says:

    I know the individual that owned the car. It was the last thing his grandfather gave him before he passed away. To make it worse, DPD charges $100 to tow your car that was stolen to the processing facility. They then charge you $20/day to process what is effectively a crime scene. It will end up costing $200 minimum to retrieve your car after it is stolen…pretty sweet deal.

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