DENVER (AP) – Denver Mayor Michael Hancock’s administration says it will bar recording devices from background briefings with the press to keep the lines of communications open.

The pen and paper meetings with the press will start Wednesday. A press release sent to members of the press on Tuesday said no recording devices including cameras or video cameras will be allowed.

Press secretary Amber Miller tells the Denver Post the mayor wants to hold background meetings with the press without having press stories about it. Miller says the media provide lines of communication so the administration can inform the public what it is doing.

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  1. Brenda C says:

    As a CITIZEN of our city who STILL believes that government has ONE purpose-to SERVE US, The People-I find this highly DISTURBING that this new mayor, (who already is suspect in the prostitution scandal) would now do something that is highly UNETHICAL for ANY ELECTED PUBLIC SERVANT to attempt-BAN The People from the PROCESS!!!???….what is going on in this country where all these public servants believe that they are also mandated to stifle OUR FREEDOMS, OUR LIBERTIES? is this what WE have come to as a nation, in OUR city? While people across the ocean are DYING to taste a bit of FREEDOM, our elected ‘officials’ are SUPRESSING & TAKING AWAY OURS!!!!
    What a shame that his “open transparency administration” has left a LARGE part of THIS city & US citizens doubting HIS ability to lead anything of substance, much less our city! He has by far-in his short time in the public eye-left us feeling HOPELESS about his capabilities, about his morals, values & PRINCIPLES……too bad for US, The People of Denver.

  2. Bobby says:

    What happened to “open government” and transparency? I see he is following in the footsteps of his president.

  3. the_punnisher says:

    Meet the new boss…same as the old boss…

  4. confused citizen says:

    Ok, so you inhibit the ability of the press to record, and by doing so you are “keeping communication open”? What is wrong with this picture! More control of the press and attempts to deceive by the new leader of the city of Denver. Nothing has changed.

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