ENGLEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4) – During the NFL lockout Broncos rookies Von Miller and Rahim Moore stayed in shape, but they had no idea what they were in for when the lockout ended and they had to train with the team.

Miller, the Broncos newest linebacker, said training camp in the NFL is nothing like he imagined.

“It’s totally different. I don’t think we could have prepared ourselves for it. No matter how much we trained and no matter how much we played it through in our heads or schemed it up; there’s nothing like it until you get here,” Miller said.

Moore, a safety, said the altitude is definitely a big difference for him. He also noticed amount of fans that show up for practice.

“Everywhere I go there are all these Broncos fans. But every day out here it’s pretty much like a game,” Moore said. “They’re celebrating and they give us some excitement. It’s a big adjustment and kind of reminds me of being a freshman in college again.”

Miller said he really hasn’t picked one veteran player to be a mentor, but has been leaning on the whole team.

“I’m just trying to pick everybody’s brain. I try to follow Elvis (Dumervil) around. Whatever he eats, I try to eat. If he gets a protein shake, I try to get a protein shake,” Miller said. “That’s the one dude I try to follow around. He’s been doing it right for several years. I figure if I could pick up one or two things from him, then I’ll be alright.”

Moore has been saying all along he can’t wait to pick Brian Dawkins’ brain.

“He’s a guy who looks out for our best interests. As far as a guy I look up to, it’s him and Champ Bailey. I even dress like Champ Bailey in practice,” Moore said.

Moore said he thinks Bailey is the best defensive back of all time because he’s the only defensive back to have double-digit Pro Bowls and just makes plays day in and day out.

Miller talked about other differences between college and the pros.

“Instead of studying for classes, you’re studying for football. You wake up at 7:30 a.m., come here, it’s football all day,” Miller said. “You go home at night and you’ve to put in the work at night too. It’s a full-time job.”

Miller and Moore said they’d be disappointed if they’re weren’t starting in the first game and making an impact on the defense.

“They brought us in here for a specific reason. They brought us in here to play right away, they brought us in here to work,” Miller said. “I would definitely be disappointed if I wasn’t starting. That’s why I’m working so hard.”

“I want to start, that’s my main goal,” Moore said. “I love football. I’ve never sat on the bench. Every day I come out here and say, ‘Rahim, it’s not going to be easy, but it’s not going to be hard.”

So far Miller and Moore said they haven’t been hazed, but they do admit they’ve been picked on every day so far.

“They’ll team up against you and just pick on you,” Miller joked. “It’s like being in kindergarten again.”


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