The following story originally aired in May. It aired again on CBS4 News at 4 p.m. on Aug. 1.

Written by Suzanne McCarroll
DENVER (CBS4) – How do those people you see in the grocery store line keep track of their coupons and save bundles of money? We decided to learn from one of the best, April Hope, who is fanatical about her savings each week.

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Hope’s pantry is packed and perfectly organized. Her mind is always calculating her savings, beginning with the dozens of containers of apple juice neatly stacked on the bottom shelf.

“Those were 99 cents and they’re usually $2,” Hope said.

Oh but there’s more. She had additional coupons which reduced the price per unit even lower.

Hope barely breathes while mentally tabulating her savings. She showed off a huge container of bleach.

“The Clorox here cost 4 cents.”

She has her own language, saying things like coupon overages.

“I made money.”

She sprayed us with more savings figures, which include salad dressing spritzers she purchased for just 4 cents.

And then there’s the Cheerios cereal that gives her a free night out with her husband.

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“If you purchase a box of cereal you get a movie ticket for up to $12.”

She found sweet deals on brownies, good deals on diapers, and has drawers full of coupons.

“It’s completely unorganized but for me it works.”

She saves on children’s clothes.

“This is a Carter shirt I bought for $2. It was $14.”

What we learn from her is that coupon clipping can save you literally hundreds of dollars per week.

She grabs coupons from the Sunday paper and likes online coupon sites such as

She suggests only buying what you know you will use.

Her favorite sites are as follows:

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