DENVER (CBS4)- It could be three more weeks before Light Rail service returns to LoDo. That’s because RTD has torn up the tracks into Union Station as part of the redevelopment of the entire system.

One line that runs from Osage Station north through Denver is closed through Aug. 14.

The massive tract of land in downtown Denver has been under construction for more than one year. Eventually the land west of Union Station will become the center for light rail and all other transit on the Front Range.

“The big change will be next year when the west line opens. Then you have west, east and southeast lines using this facility,” said Denver Union Station Project Authority spokesman Bill Mosher.

Crews are putting down new track under the Millennium Bridge for light rail.

“These projects take three or four years to plan and then another four years to build,” said FasTracks spokesman Rick Clarke.

Clarke said the entire transit system won’t be complete for nearly a decade. That includes a line already in development to Denver International Airport, separate from light rail.


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