DENVER (CBS4)- New synthetic drugs are available for purchase at tobacco shops, convenience stores and even gas stations under packaging labeled as bath salts or plant food.

The bath salts cost $20 and are often snorted or injected. The packaging states the bath salts are “Not For Human Consumption.”

At one tobacco store the clerk is seen on the CBS4 Investigates hidden camera saying, “I recommend not do it, not doing it.”

The bath salts are sold under seductive names like “Pure Jolly.”

One woman told the story of what happened when her daughter started hallucinating after she snorted bath salts.

“She told us that at one point, that the bugs were inside of her body coming out and they were all in her feet,” said the woman who didn’t want to give her name.

Her daughter’s weight dropped to 69 pounds while using bath salts.

“Everyone that sells them knows that these people are snorting, smoking or injecting these substances into their body,” said Drug Enforcement Administration Acting Special-Agent-In-Charge Kevin Merrill.

Merrill said the scheme is to create and describe the substance so it doesn’t fall under existing drug regulations. Bath salts are outlawed in more than two dozen states, other synthetic drugs are taking their place with innocent-sounding names.

While wearing a disguise, CBS4 Investigator Rick Sallinger bought a product called “Plant Food” at a tobacco shop. When asked how it worked, the clerk told him, “You’d have to try it out yourself. You snort it and it gives you energy.”

The product is believed to contain mephedrone, a synthetic stimulant manufactured in China.

The Rocky Mountain Poison Control Center has had 19 exposure calls since January 1 regarding bath salts, 14 of those from emergency rooms. They call the products a public threat.

The DEA is examining whether to seek an emergency designation of the products as illegal drugs. 28 states have already banned them.

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  1. jim says:

    The stuff is horrible! As a parent, I am fearing that it will soon kill my son. We have been trying hard to get him to stop using it, but he says he does not feel any motivation to do so. He has lost far too much weight and could, if he hasn’t already, do serious damage to his heart.
    Anyone who sells this stuff is a monster!

  2. Leonardo Vargas says:

    These drugs should be ban. In Northumberland County where I live, bathsalt has been the cause of more than 6 deaths in the last couple month. This drug still alters your thinking. On top of that my granddaughter’s father is a drug user and started using bathsalt and spice so he could still get his high and not be caught by is probation offcer. You know what else is not right, we have had to release my granddaughter into his custody for his visits knowing he s under the influence of these drugs and there is nothing that can be done about it.

  3. Jake says:

    Hey Vail. Hemp won’t get you high. It is a fibrous plant with very little THC content.
    You’re thinking of Marijuana. Get your facts straight!

  4. vail says:

    it’s on the market because the drug laws are written specifically banning a compound (i.e. the EXACT compound and only some of it’s precursors)… these drugs are called derivatives, meaning that someone, somewhere, figured out how to change the compound at the molecular level to “look” different but do the same thing.

    maybe if hemp was legal, less people would be looking to chemicals for fun.

  5. denvervet says:

    Makes you wonder how this stuff ever gets on the market.

  6. B. Dover says:

    It;s an alternative to watching tv,playing video games and tweeting. America – onward and downward.

  7. matt says:

    The difference Hal is that gasoline and glue have legitimate uses…I venture to guess, and it is a guess, that your plant wouldn’t be too happy with pure jolly’ in it’s soil, or you too pleased with the soothing effects of chines mephedrone in your bath. To your point, maybe we should outlaw impressionable (auto-correct: imprisonable lol) teens.

  8. Hal says:

    What is wrong with this? Hey when I was sniffing this stuff I got the bugs inside of me. So then I sniffed some insect poison…got rid of them all. Now, I know we have gasoline sniffers, glue sniffers and now bath salt sniffers. There is just no cure for stupid. My son was robbed trying to buy formaldehyde soaked cigarettes. What a bunch of maroons. Maybe we should outlaw stupidity…

    1. chimneygeorge says:

      Maroons!! Bugs Bunny rocks! Yea. Did they call that stuff your son bought, angel dust?

    2. jim says:

      Your comments are not funny. The salts are causing horrible damage to people, and you simply laugh it off.

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