CENTENNIAL, Colo. (CBS4) — Colorado’s first IKEA store is open for business.

The Swedish retailer gave away free couches and chairs and other prizes for a certain number of customers waiting in line for the grand opening of its store in Centennial on Wednesday. Some people camped out for three nights.

Local police officers were hired to help monitor traffic on Wednesday around the Centennial store located at Interstate 25 and County Line Road.

IKEA hired 400 people to work in their 415,000 square foot store. This is the Swedish furniture retailer’s 38th store in the U.S.

Gov. John Hickenlooper and Colorado’s honorary Swedish consul, Donald Peterson, attended the store’s opening.

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  1. b.berges says:

    I wonder if just ONE person from that crowd of hundreds waiting to “buy IKEA” has the slightest clue as to the working conditions of American workers at the IKEA plant in Danville, VA.

    Eliminated raises, reduced wages, mandatory overtime, disciplinary action for those employees who can’t or don’t show up, canceled medical appointments because of last-minute mandatory overtime assignments – $8/hr. wages and 12 vacation days of which eight are determined by IKEA are just a few of the numerous complaints by present and former US IKEA employees.

    Simply because the US economy is circling the drain for the majority of US workers it shouldn’t mean that a foreign company such as IKEA can build a plant in the U.S. and treat its workers as though they were working in a Third World country! Or maybe the U.S. has become a Third World country and we just don’t know it. Yet.

    Signed –
    No IKEA items in my home

    1. no whiners says:

      Regardless to the status of the economy, this is a free country and no one HAS to work for any company that they feel is mistreating them. And no one HAS to shop there either. Get over it.

  2. RBB says:

    I Kill Environmental Assets (IKEA). Their employee working conditions and zoning variances destroying the Colorado skyline are enough for me to boycott the store. I will never step one foot into the store or have any of their products in my house.

  3. ReBakah says:

    IKEA is doing what it must to survive in an impossible economic climate. All the complaints by b.berges (and others) are explained during the hiring process and understood (and accepted) by IKEA employees. Yes, the U.S. economy is circling the drain. Yes, wages have hit rock bottom. But the America most of us remember is gone forever — thanks to globalization. But, hey, you don’t like the rules then open your own furniture store. I promise I’ll camp outside for three days for your grand opening.

    1. b.berges says:

      IKEA is NOT a company that “must …survive in an impossible economic climate. Its base and headquarters are in SWEDEN. No economic crisis there, believe me, I’ve been there. Workers at IKEA in Stockholm BEGIN at $19/hour. Workers in Danville, VA begin at $7.50 and I do believe that is BELOW the federal minimum wage.

      The complaints I mentioned were NOT discussed during the IKEA hiring process. Decreased wages, mandatory overtime, eliminated (promised) raises all came down the road AFTER, rpt AFTER those people were hired.

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