DENVER (CBS4)– Denver’s Manager of Safety has resigned after six months on the job. During that time, Charles Garcia fired eight Denver police officers for lying or excessive force.

A group of retired police officers called on Mayor Michael Hancock to replace Garcia recently, claiming current officers were being disciplined too harshly.

Hancock said Garcia’s announcement came as a surprise to him.

“The resignation was Charlie’s decision, I did not ask him to leave,” said Hancock. “He just decided it was time for him to move on.”

Hancock also said he felt Garcia had done what the job required of him.

“I’ve always had a pretty good relationship with Charlie and praised the work he had done for the City of Denver and the very courageous work that he had done,” said Hancock.

Hancock said the search to fill the vacancy is under way.

The Deputy Safety Manager, Ashley Kilroy, will take over for Garcia until a permanent replacement is named.

“Ashley and I have built a great working relationship having worked hand-in-hand for the past five months,” Garcia said. “I believe she will be a great addition to Mayor Hancock’s administration. She is dedicated to the mission of the department and will serve the citizens of Denver with honor and integrity in her role as Manager of Safety.”

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  1. ahelir says:

    This is a shame, he tried to do the right thing and clean up a police force that has gone over the edge. The group of eight retired police officers who visited the mayor were obviously sent by the police union to protect the bunglers in blue and save the brotherhood. Another reason the police union should be uncertified and the police join the other city employees union.

  2. Pootietang says:

    There will be an affirmitive action appointment you can be sure. Hizzoner met with the Zoo crackhead`s family.. Hick in blackface..

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