AURORA (CBS4)- Authorities are searching for police impersonators in Aurora. They have a warning for the public about the men, who are described as dangerous.

A woman said two men pretending to be police officers pulled her over early Sunday in the 10400 block of East Alameda near Havana, told her to get out of the car and sexually assaulted her on the sidewalk.

“Just an absolute horrific situation where she was sexually assaulted on the sidewalk next to her car,” said Aurora Police Detective Bob Friel.

Police said the incident happened in an isolated area and that the victim did not see anyone around during the attack.

“Everything indicated that this was a legitimate traffic stop by legitimate police officers,” said Friel.

The men had overhead lights on their vehicle similar to a police car. The fake cops were both wearing dark blue police uniforms, including gun belts and badges.

“The critical next steps in this case are to get the DNA evidence that we’ve collected, analyzed as quickly as possible . And also get the victim down to a police department here, so she can help us complete a composite sketch that we can get out to the community,” said Friel.

One suspect is described as a white or Hispanic man between the ages of 30-40 with black spiked hair. The other man is described as white or Hispanic, between 40-50 years old with a mustache and a pot belly.

In Jefferson County, deputies are investigating a similar case that happened at Bowles and Wadsworth just one day later in broad daylight. The difference is only one man was involved instead of two.

“The description of the suspect and what they were wearing was similar. Some of the mannerisms by the suspect on both of those stops were similar and without going into detail that’s sort of a key for us,” said Jefferson County Sheriff’s spokeswoman Jacki Kelly.

The woman in that case didn’t believe the man was an officer and called police. That’s when the suspect drove away.

Police say it’s important to pull over in a well-lit area with others around. If there is any doubt about whether the police officer is legitimate, police urge drivers to call 911 to confirm.