DUPONT, Colo. (CBS4) – Homeowners in a northern Denver metro area neighborhood are speaking out over plans for a medical waste treatment plant near their homes.

The proposed site for the Waste Solutions LLC facility is in the 8600 block of Brighton Boulevard in Dupont, near Commerce City.

David Stallworth has lived in the area “since Easter Sunday, 1958.”

“I couldn’t believe they were going to try to put something like this this close to all of our residences,” he said.

Waste Solutions says the operation that will go on at the facility will involve sterilizing medical waste so it can be brought to the landfill.

Waste Solutions takes needles, bandages and other items like the ones that can be found in plastic tubs in doctor’s offices and steams them at such a high heat that they are disinfected.

“What we’ve been fighting here more than anything is a misunderstanding about what we do,” Waste Solutions spokesman Mike McGee said.

On Monday night Waste Solutions gave a presentation to dozens of residents to answer questions about the facility.

Neighbors say they are concerned about what might happen if there were some sort of hazardous spill. They also fear there will be more traffic near Dupont Elementary School.

Property values are also a concern.

“It’s a safe operation. It’s been proven for decades. And ours is the state-of-the-art, most modern one that’s going to be in the state of Colorado,” he said.

Generally the presentation was not well received. Many neighbors said they plan to join together to fight the proposal.

Waste Solutions will go before a planning committee on Aug. 25. A recommendation will be made to the county commissioners, who have the final say.

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  1. Michael Smyth says:

    You already have the waste in your neighborhood. This is waste produced by dentists, doctors, hospitals and your neighbors that have diabetes and give them self’s injections. Medical waste is produced in every community in the world. Everyone complains about healthcare costs going up and this is one of the many factors that cause that. the farther away it travels the costlier it becomes.

  2. Samantha Tafoya says:

    To Tom in Denver and Joe Woodson, you don’t live in the city, you don’t know what other places are opening and creating jobs for everyone, and we choose to live in Commerce City because we like it. I think you need to say your asinine and idiotic comments to people who want to hear it.

  3. Vera Matthews says:

    same goes for Joe Woodson

  4. Vera Matthews says:

    to tom from denver, you dont have live here, we do, so get a life, mind your own business

  5. Del says:

    Clearly those who left the previous postings have no intelligence. If you want infectious waste brought into your neighborhood, then contact Waste Solutions LLC. and ask them to build this facility next door to your home. Do your homework, this stuff is dangerous and doesn’t belong in a heavily populated neighborhood. I’ve lived here for 50 years now. I don’t need threatening material brought into my area now.

  6. Tom in Denver says:

    I wonder how many jobs this will/would have created. Oh well, people don’t needs jobs or anything do they?

  7. Joe Woodson says:

    get over it people. Dont like it, then move!

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