Part of what I love so much about summer – is the yearly visit I get from my mother, sister and her two kids.

My niece Kayce, and nephew Tanner.

For years they have piled in the family van and committed to the long road trip from Arkansas to wherever my home happened to be at the time.

This summer trip was wonderful.

We had  a cook out on the back patio, visited Elitches and rode the rides and wave pool.

We visited CherryCreek State Park and the “ski shak” where Jimmy and I rented Jet Ski’s to hit the lake with the kids.

What fun!

My niece and nephew thought it was the best thing ever, and their laughter during the ride was proof.

If you’re looking for something to do with your older kids, renting jet skis is something to think about.

The guys at the Ski Shak were awesome, and made our experience memorable.

We wrapped our weekend with Greek food at Yanni’s.

My little Elle loved the attention from her cousins and my mother, so I fear the next few days are going to be tough as she realizes it’s just mom and dad at the house now.

A big thanks to my family for taking the time and making the effort to brighten our summer.

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(credit: Karen Leigh)

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(credit: Karen Leigh)

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(credit: Karen Leigh)

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(credit: Karen Leigh)

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(credit: Karen Leigh)

  1. Tracey says:

    Karen, we had a great time and many wonderful memories were made. We all love you and are planning our next trip.
    See you soon
    .From Arkansas with love

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