DENVER (CBS4)- About 100 people woke up and took their place in line before dawn to get a prime seat at the Atlantis Space Shuttle landing watch party at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science on Thursday.

There were a lot of young people attending the event, even a mother and her infant child. Most said they wanted to fell connected to the historic event.

“It was kind of moving because everyone clapped as the shuttle came to a stop. It’s kind of cool to see. They said they would put a plaque where it stopped to mark the runway forever,” said one teenager.

“I think it’s really cool to see something like this. To see people still out in space, still exploring. That’s some of the best things about being a human, said another.

The museum will continue to host NASA events, even though the shuttle program has drawn to a close. A launch party is scheduled for the Juno Satellite on Aug. 5.


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