LONGMONT, Colo. (CBS4) – No felony charges will be filed against the Colorado woman who allegedly sexually assaulted a Transportation Security Administration agent in Phoenix.

On Tuesday the Maricopa County district attorney decided to turn the case of Yukari Miyamae, 61, of Longmont over to city prosecutors. She could still be charged with a misdemeanor.

Police say Miyamae grabbed the female agent’s left breast, squeezed and twisted it with both hands on July 14 at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. Miyamae was getting ready to board a flight from Phoenix to Denver.

Miyamae’s attorney Judd Golden says his client was violated, endangered and threatened by the actions of TSA agents. She denies doing anything wrong.

Golden released a statement Tuesday, saying Miyamae is a self-employed translator, author and radio producer. He used the following words to describe how the situation unfolded:

Ms. Miyamae says she told TSA agents she wanted to be screened by the metal detector gate. She did so out of concern for excessive radiation exposure from the full-body scanners, as she is a frequent business traveler.

Her request was denied. She was soon surrounded by TSA agents. One TSA agent, a tall woman, approached Ms. Miyamae, who is only five feet tall.

Ms. Miyamae felt panicked and experienced a volatile aversion to the TSA personnel violating her personal physical space. She felt endangered and threatened based upon prior traumatizing security pat-downs, repugnance at the prospect of being touched again in such a violent and undignified manner, and instinctively pushed the female TSA agent away.

Golden says Miyamae is considering offers to do interviews but so far hasn’t committed to doing one.

Some Facebook users who are obviously frustrated with the strict procedures of the Transportation Safety Administration set up a Facebook page over the weekend called “Acquit Yukari Mihamae” expressing their support for Mihamae.

A different Facebook page was set up by friends called the Yukari Miyamae Legal Defense Fund.

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  5. God says:


  6. B.J. says:

    I CURSE THE tsa!! DAILY!!

  7. Vernon J says:

    I started a facebook group.

    Its called STOP starting facebook groups about every little thing & Stop including that someone started a facebook group in news reports.

  8. Gary says:

    You know what is really crazy. I work for the U.S. government in Afghanistan. When I get on a plane from Dubai (Non-Stop) to Atlanta I dont get searched. They scan your bags and you go through a metal detector. Thats It. OMG were all gonna die! I dont get raped until I hit my connecting flight already in the U.S. So how are we more safe with what TSA is doing.

    1. Gary says:

      Please don’t bash me for working for the government. As a 15 year veteran of the U.S. Army I would rather have a job working at home, but there arent any. I’m awake and remind soldiers of their oaths as much as I can get away with.

    2. Buckster says:

      I as well have worked in Iraq and Afghanistan as a contractor and was amazed at the lack of post 911 security at their airports compared with our police state. On one such occasion at KWI (Kuwait), next door to Iraq, I exited the gate to find a package (small suitcase) sitting all by itself about 30 feet from the security gate. No one was around or making an issue. Coming from America, I got the attention of security and pointed it out. They walked calmly over to it as they had not noticed it yet. After a few minutes of “checking it out” it was casually removed with no fanfare or media attention.

      I was shocked at the perceived security they do have and applaud them for not “freaking” out and needlessly destroying rights of the people through ridiculous and unwarranted searches and seizures. ….and thats a muslim county!

  9. Sam Smirks says:

    The TSA is nothing but a bunch of pedophiles and rapists committing thousands of instances of felony sexual assault every day. Those who [pretend to] support sexual assault as a condition of travel clearly are part of that klan and need to be given the TSA prison shower experience for their rapes and child pornography trade.

    TSA pedophile positions are advertized on pizza boxes which is why so many of them are fat, acne-faced dopes who barely graduated high school. If they had any class or initiative at all, they would be real people with real jobs.

  10. pete sommer says:

    PROFILE and look for the bad people – as they do in Israel.
    The rest of it is a WASTE OF TIME and MUCH MONEY.

    1. The Jig Is Up says:

      Oh yes, let’s emulate that fascist little apartheid state that drains America of all its money. They profile, yes, but they have armed soldiers on every street. No thanks. That is not the kind of country I want for my kids. “But they have to protect themselves!” you bleat, right? Right, but why did things devolve to that point? Because Israel treats everyone around them like absolute sh t. Then they wonder why everyone hates them.

  11. justinc says:

    EVERYONE NEEDS TO DO THIS TO TSA. They can’t arrest EVERYONE. Sick of the abuse. Sick of our rights being eroded. Sick of big government. Do something about it. She did.

  12. divegoddess65 says:

    I travel quite a bit and am wondering why I have not had similar experiences as most of you. I was patted down one time and was more annoyed then violated. I’ve also flown to middle eastern countries and will tell you that security is much tighter then in the US. I also would not want to end up on a plane with someone seeking to do harm. I guess I value the lives of my family, friends and strangers more!!!!!

  13. Buckster says:

    Terrorism across the board (including all forms of muslim and government terrorism) would go down if Americans would increase the amount of people who carry and won’t hesitate to use a gun for their defense and the defense of those around them. You’d see crime drop out of sight as well as terrorism. 250 million guns on the streets and we have to have “homeland security” and TSA protecting us? How about a national “everybody carries” campaign, get people educated, and really promote that initiative. I’m for that all the way. Love to see 50 armed civies on a plane. I’d fly that plane any day. In fact, I may just fly for the fun and safety of it!

  14. Alex says:

    Typical – minority privilege. You know they would have if she was White.

  15. Jon Weiss says:

    If she were to go to trial, and I were on the jury, I have to vote for “self Defense.”.

  16. Cappy Hamper says:

    Victory for travelers.

  17. Bucko says:

    This woman should be hailed in the same spirit as Rosa Parks.

    1. Bucko says:

      Sheesh, just after posting that I searched the page for the word “Rosa.” That thought about Rosa Parkst just popped into my head. Guess I wasn’t the only one, not by a long shot. Sort of obvious, huh?

  18. Ronnie says:

    It is sad to think that the terrorist have won. But it will be even sadder once a plane is brought down by someone so willing to die. Then where will the out cry come from? If only we had taken more measures to stop such a brutal act commited by such a violent people, will be the headline. Then complain about an inconvient body search, as we watch the body bags be loaded, one by one.

    1. ivanthedestroyer77 says:


      Hey, ding dong … the terrorists have SAM portables. However, if they wanted to Strong-Arm another plane, sure, there is nothing to stop them! DON’T THINK FOR A SECOND THAT TSA IS EVEN AN OBSTACLE! NO BOMBS ARE NECESSARY, nor Anything that can be construed as a WEAPON, MORON. That’s the tactical Operations of the 9/11 attacks … STUPID!

  19. ontie1 says:

    TSA falls into that category of jobs saved, no one can prove anything but it sure sounds great, the problem is they are government union employees and the Feds wiil not go to a cheaper more efficient type of private contractor and stop wasting taxpayer money by using the TSA as a deemer voting block….

  20. pokahontess says:

    we have been dooped into submission,we are no longer a free nation,how did this happen..the progressive left has taken over, did we not hear.”I AM A CITIZEN OF THE WORLD” what axactley do you all think that ment are we voting like the osrich?..how did this happen..go back to when it started..to become a reality..in the 60ty’s prayer baned from schools..sexual sceans became more and more a norm in T.V and movies..now dont spank your children..tsa stats lowered for all children to get a passing grade,no child left behind..not new it happened long ago..professors from radical backgrounds teaching anti- americanisum..all manner of debouched life styles are glorified by hollywood, freedom of spech means one can freely use the F” word ”BUT DONT YOU DARE SAY JESUS ..it’s offends others… mothers dressing like tini boppers, teachers seducing teen boys..why is all of this happening..because we have allowed the left to push GOD OUT OF THE USA…

  21. Chris Smith says:

    She’s lucky TSA didn’t steal her Ipod and jewelry. TSA is nothing more than a den of perverts and thieves.

  22. Follow The Money says:

    TSA screeners were supposed to replace private security that was provided by the airlines and it worked, then Janet Napolitano and John Pistole decided to turn wal mart trained security guards into their own personal police force complete with badges that are primarily used for trying to get out of traffic tickets and blue vinyl gloves to protect them while they are molesting men, women and children at our nations airports, every day americans who refuse to use rapcion full body scanners that were being peddled by former TSA administrator Michael Chertoff, are forced to submit to some of the most degrading acts in the name of state security.

  23. Majorthinker says:

    Everybody fly NAKED, problem solved. If you can’t seem to deal with that you can be issued a paper coverall to put on in a changing room.

    1. James says:

      Good idea – We have hospital gowns so why not airplane gowns before boarding. Issue resolved!

      1. ronald says:

        Great James, You lead…. be an example and go thru the airport naked to show your support for the TSA.

        But you are simply a keyboard warrior who lives in fear of the world.

  24. James says:

    They won’t prosecute because they know they have almost no chance of getting a conviction if it’s a jury trial. They’ll keep downgrading the charges until it becomes a case that can be tried by a judge alone. The TSA/DHS also don’t like all this attention being drawn to their useless and most likely illegal procedures and policies.

    1. James says:

      I’m the James with rational thought where you’re the James relying on obscure speculation.

      Give me one reason why you think like you do about the TSA that is a real life experience and not just what you read. Do you really travel?

      1. Ronald says:

        TSA hasn’t made news by struggling with real terrorists… they made news by strong-arming an innocent grandmother.

        Real terrorists get past security without making a commotion.

      2. ajl says:

        James, I refer you to my previous post, it is real and factual. Also, FYI, your post-pubescent naivete’, nor your unwillingness to actually consider the honest accounts of other people offering life experiences beyond yours, does not justify your implication that I am lying. This is my last response to you.

      3. ronald says:

        James, when the TSA makes news by getting a real criminal arrested instead of a 62 year old grandmother with no criminal history, THEN you can tell me they are doing their job.

  25. ajl says:

    One of those idiots actually tried to take my insulin pump from me. In case you are not familiar with an insulin pump, it is attached to your body. I have been violated time and again and looking back, I wish I had reciprocated the way this lady did. Maybe we all should file a class action law suit against tsa.

    1. James says:

      Did you inform them in advance you had an insulin pump? Did you inform the person at the check-in counter about it as well to determine if it would have alerted any security checks?

      I watched many people who were handicapped go through checkpoints without issue. I have an Aunt who travels with an insulin pump but she never complains about the TSA.

      It sounds like an isolated issue to me!

      1. ajl says:

        Yes, I informed them. That is when they typically detain me, swarm me like I am a threat, swab my hands/pump, wand and pat me down, then empty my bags. As an adaptive response to this unwelcomed treatment, I have learned to remove the pump before passing through security, stick it in my purse and reconnect it after passing through. Then no agents take issue with it. In case you still don’t understand James, the point is, if it were really a threat (bomb) tsa wouldn’t notice it in my bag, but takes issue only if I am wearing it. Where is the logic in that? By the way, I am a grandmother in my 50’s, and a retired Federal Law Enforcement Officer with 27 years experience in REAL security. I am very familier with security procedures. I am not questioning the need for prudent airport security. I assert my above examples depict a common ineptitude, poor reasoning and unprofessional conduct, that pervades throughout many of the airports I have recently traveled through. Their procedures are obviously questionable, needing better supervision, and an emphasis on training of how to deal with innocent human beings.

  26. A. Gabe says:

    Should have twisted the boob right off. . .

    1. James says:

      Yeah! You’re so right since I’m sure you had personally witnessed the assault that was incurred on this “poor old women”. Do you think all TSA employees should be shot? I think you do!

  27. MisterJones says:

    How about getting rid of the TSA and everyone (21 and above)carry a pistol this will keep any B.S. from going on .

    1. James says:

      Great idea! Let’s create environments on airplanes like it was during the old west since the old west was far more safer in preventing assault and terrorism than it is nowadays. The hits keep coming with some of you!

      1. Buckster says:

        Absolutely! Terrorism across the board (including all forms of muslim and government terrorism) would go down if Americans would increase the amount of people who carry and won’t hesitate to use a gun for their defense and the defense of those around them. You’d see crime drop out of sight as well as terrorism. 250 million guns on the streets and we have to have “homeland security” and TSA protecting us? How about a national “everybody carries” campaign, get people educated, and really promote that initiative. I’m for that all the way. Love to see 50 armed civies on a plane. I’d fly that plane any day. In fact, I may just fly for the fun and safety of it!

  28. tacitusdominatus says:


    Security is a myth. Of which only the most ignorant would buy into hook, line and sinker. From the day we’re born we’re at risk. Be it disease, violence or even our own ignorance, we’re all terminal. So get over your hysteria-driven security-phobias folks. This terrorist threat business is just that, a business; a scam to get more of your monies and liberties. Of which it doesn’t look like there having any problem getting these days!

    Look at the little child in NY just walking home from school. When will you get it America that we have far more to fear from the criminals on our streets and in our government then we do from those on the other side of the freak’in planet?

    Grow a set for Christ’s sakes! And a brain-stem for that matter!

    Brian Kilcullen

    1. James says:

      Oh Boy! Speaking of a missing brain stem, when did you lose yours? Let us follow your silly notion of security is a myth. Security is a myth; so why not absolve our military, police forces, and while we are at it get rid of the secret service. Since “security is a myth” we should just resort to anarchy since security doesn’t insure safety for all 100% of the time. Man, it’s not a lack of courage here from others it’s a lack of common sense on your part.

      1. Pilot.Dave says:


        Security from Police – they have laws they follow and groping a child without probable cause WILL put them in jail. Security from our Military – show me any other that can beat them, or one of our Brave Souls groping ANY female in public in Bagdad w/o being shot and maybe we will question it.

        But SERIOUSLY, security from TSA ?? LOL Show us a SINGLE terrorist they have caught for the $1 billion a year we pay, any you might have a point. Instead, look on YouTube and you’ll see plenty of TSA abusing innocent Americans.

      2. Majorthinker says:

        Just look at the Mexican Border, talk about a” Security Myth” bright boy.

    2. James says:

      Pilot Dave,

      It’s not about who you caught as much as what you have prevented. No well skilled terrorist is going to walk through a security checkpoint because of the policies in place now. If we were to have kept things at status quo after 9/11 then many box cutter copycats would have followed. The fact that we restrict their ability to kill in mass has prevented many potential terrorist acts.

      Police now have the right to hold sobriety checkpoints to stop drunk drivers. At these checkpoints you can be asked to have your car search for almost no reason at all. You may not even be inebriated when police make this call. Many sobriety checkpoints result in more arrest not related to a DUI than the DUI itself. So do you really think police are any less restricted than TSA?

      1. Ronald says:

        LOL, what has the TSA prevented???
        You can prove what the TSA prevented by who they have gotten arrested!

        It is 62 year old grandmothers with no criminal history who incur the TSA’s wrath!
        Have they gotten anyone with a criminal background arrested?

        People with criminal backgrounds are used to security checks by REAL LAW ENFORCEMENT, do you think they can’t get by the TSA who are NOT as well trained as Police officers!!!

      2. Pilot.Dave says:


        News flash, real terroist HAVE gotten my TSA – underware bomber Chistmas in Detroit, “boy scout leader with live ammo (OK, if he were a terrorist he could have used it) http://stlouis.cbslocal.com/2011/07/20/boy-scout-leader-jailed-for-bullet-in-fanny-pack/

        The list of what TSA has let on is actually so funny. Maybe you are one of these agents ? Were you fired from guarding Wal-Mart because you were eathing their food? LOL

  29. Ty Young says:

    James – in a perfect world, you might have a point. To state that there is NO instances of molestation is uninformed. You might not have seen any happening, but that doesn’t mean that somewhere, at sometime, it hasn’t happened… and there are plenty of reports from people who felt they were assaulted and demeaned. Most TSA agents are conscientious, however, there have been too many reports of lawless behavior from their ranks to categorically rule all of these pat downs as proper. Obviously in the case of Ms. Miyamae (sp?), she had reached a point of frustration after numerous “pat downs” where she felt assaulted. It could have been a single TSA employee in the past who was overly aggressive.

    But the bottom line… and one of the reasons I am sure the case was dropped is that the government would have been required to produce results to show that the pat downs accomplished actual security goals. This probably cannot be quantified or verified and they would then have nothing to base their position on.

    As to snickering about planes not being invented at the time of our forefathers – that argument is facetious at best. There WERE means of mass transportation in their day and posed the same types of risk. Further, while the Constitution may have the need to be amended, until the Bill of Rights is changed, it is the foundation of our laws and your comments about adaptation are irrelevant.

    Now terrorists are talking about implanting bombs where they cannot be detected… so what is the point of fondling a child? Technology will always outstrip the means for identifying the threat. But here is a problem with our society… they are so risk adverse and want guarantees about everything to the point of immobility that they empower a quasi police force (TSA). The news is replete with excesses, theft – both petty and grand larceny – and recently Honolulu had 26 agents fired for not doing their jobs (not monitoring carry ons). 26 in one location… and while the flights are domestic, they have many, many foreign travelers. Still think you are safer?

    I also fly regularly… usually two flights a week… and have had only minimal problems with TSA. Most of that is that I see no reason to make a scene and comply with their suggestions regarding how to get through with the least amount of hassles. But I know the type of individuals that are employed there and far too many of them remind me of the cops in Clockwork Orange when he gets out of prison…

    Kristi –
    Most of the people who commented were not referring to TSA agents as “nazis” – they were stating that the excuse “I was only following orders” is a defense that has been proven to have no weight. If you had a young daughter come over to my house and I put my hand on her genitals you would be justifiably alarmed and probably take immediate action. So, why the complacency with regard to a government lackey doing the same thing?

    1. James says:


      Thank you for a well thought out argument. The issue I have is that there is no real evidence of TSA sexual assaults during pat downs. These are merely accusations and cannot be considered fact. Just because there have been a dozen or so complaints doesn’t make those complaints accurate. I can’t go by facts since there is no evidence of wrongdoing by the TSA. One possibility that we are dealing with is an overly sensitive society with pat downs because they have never been subjected to one in the past. They are probably decent law abiding citizens that has lead to accusations that while, in their minds is real, are actually just corporate procedure followed by workers required to follow those procedures.

      I think the issue here is more subjective and not objective among many complaining here. These people want to believe that the TSA is doing something wrong because they lack serious trust in government and corporations. However, none have actually witnessed any occurrence of wrong doing.

      more to come on responses

      1. Ty Young says:


        Given the nature of human beings (and TSA agents are human which might surprise some here) I would have to come down on the side saying that at least some of these reports/accusations have validity. Painting all TSA agents the same is obviously unfair, however, it is also turnabout as fair play. Because of the possibility that one person with evil intent may board the plane has justified the searches that we are speaking about. What is on many people’s minds in these columns is that – while it may be a one in a million chance that an agent is getting their jollies fondling children – there is the possibility. And with our society being so paranoid about “sex offenses” they are arguing to avoid that slim chance…. just as TSA argues the odds of a terrorist threat.

        I have gone through the scanners several times (heck, most evenings I am on the town begging for someone to want to see me naked) and don’t give a hoot one way or the other about the radiation… you make a valid point that cellphones and microwaves are likely just as bad – however, how many times over the last couple of decades did someone “suddenly” discover that this item or that was far more harmful than advertised? The problem is that we really never know and many feel that while exposure to any of them periodically is likely okay, but adding one more item to contribute to an unhealthy buildup takes them closer to the straw that breaks the camels back.

        BTW… talk to many of the people on the sex offender lists about there being no proof… just a he said/she said accusation and you will find that the lack of proof doesn’t really have bearing in these types of situations. Unfortunately, things types of events are subjective… the pat down you receive may not make you feel uncomfortable, but the proximity of another (same sex) person’s hand near my genitals is offensive to me for who knows what reason. Same agent, same event, different impressions.

        Lastly, as others have opined, there is no proof that any of the methods and their inconvenience to millions of travelers has made flying any safer. Failures in their methodologies have missed potential threats (see numerous reports of weapons in carry-on luggage not detected). Since safety seems to be a side issue all too often, then for what purpose beyond control of a population is going through perpetuating these exercises?

      2. ivanthedestroyer77 says:

        James … You are a traitor and a disgrace to the human race. Thank God for the internet because if I ever heard a fool like YOU …BOOOOOM, COMRADE!

    2. James says:

      Regarding mass transportation Ty I completely disagree with you. Just because there was mass transportation, society back then never had to witness the power a simple bomb can occur on someone in a train or what a train could do if crashed into a countries’ major economic hub. It never occurred in those times. While you had train robbers, you never had terrorist hi-jacking trains for idealogical reasons and for the purpose of creating server harm to others.

      Give me evidence or a specific amendment that actually proves that rights are being violated by these searches. And please don’t you the reasonable search argument since that argument was provided for the very reason we have searches at Airports. It can be deemed reasonable to search someone boarding a plan since it suits the need to ensure safety for all boarding that plan. The idea of reasonable search comes with a great amount of interpretation that can be argued on both sides.

      1. Ty Young says:

        Actually, trains were not in existence at that time either. Probably the most notable means of mass transportation would have been sailing ships. Piracy (terrorists) was commonplace… so there was a platform for though in this area. Why do you think the Marine Corp was formed by Thomas Jefferson (Barbary Pirates).

        While I disagree with you regarding 4th amendment violations, a recent Cincinnati court ruled along the lines of your argument. They did find the TSA wrong on a procedural issue, but stated that at this juncture it is too late to turn back. The ruling will be appealed of course.

        Playing devil’s advocate though… why does a terrorist have to get on the plane? Just go into the airport and get themselves dead center among the several hundred people in the TSA line and then set off their bombs? Probably get just as many people killed and injured as getting on the plane. This is one of the weaknesses I see in the way TSA congregates everyone into a small area making it vulnerable to a mass attack by some lunatic (who they will paint as a right wing nut job intent on trying to harm the gov’t – guess we need more controls!!).

    3. James says:


      While I make this argument; I do so with heeded concern, the fact that there have been no terrorists attacks on a plane since the security policies have been put in place is evidence it has made flying safer. I only hope it continues for the sake of everyone.

      I’ll continue to argue where others say their human rights are being violated by these pat downs, my human rights for safety for all boarding on a plane has been made increased due to these policies. It’s not about courage or some misunderstanding of rights taken away as much as it has been that it is far for difficult for a terrorist to hi-jack a plan since these procedures have been put in place. I’ll concede some of my rights of privacy for the sake of everyone being able to board and land on a plane safely.

      The best argument I have is that many terrorists side with these “so called” human rights of search or scans since it better enables for them to destroy lives, rights, and countries without these procedures.

    4. James says:

      The first railroad was built in 1764 in New York but I’ll concede you are correct that it should not be considered mass transit. Overall, there is no assurance of complete safety from terrorists. The best we can do is marginalize the destruction they can create.

      As for the 14th amendment I do not think it is violated by the TSA pat downs. Actually the I can argue the equal protection clause in the 14th amendment supports the TSA pat downs and searches.

      1. CKCM says:

        James, the 14th (XIV) Amendment was dated 1866 and deals with the definition of citizenship and other matters. Nothing to do with freedoms from unwarranted search or seizure. The 4th (IV) Amendment, however, prohibits searches without specific probable cause or without specific warrant.. You are picking out words and phrases from the Amendments which sound good but have no bearing on the question.

  30. john lennon says:

    Come together … riiiiight now…. over Miyamae

  31. Rich says:

    ANY candidate that promises to prosecute the TSA and their bosses if elected will get my vote, Doesn’t matter if they are white, black, purple, smell bad, no teeth; I will support them.

    If you voted for ObamASS to show you weren’t racist, you better vote for someone else this coming election to prove you aren’t an IDIOT.

  32. Eyeball says:

    The government probably dropped the charges because they figured she would make a good TSA supervisor instead. You can always use a good agressive titi twister on the patdown line.

  33. James says:

    It’s not totalitarianism to requests a pat down before boarding a plan. Have you read the definition of what totalitarianism is?

    I support a financial capitalism so does that also make me a commie. What a redneck backwoods ideologue you are.

    I’m against facilitating terrorism with silly thoughts of human rights over a pat down. Think of it this way, terrorist support you idea of prevent searches at airports. It’s exactly what they want. Also, you approach does support a prisoners position of unreasonable search so you seem to be on the wrong side to me. It’s really that simple.

    Enjoy the pat downs at Airports since while you wine you still have to go through one if you are requested to. So in the end you already lost this argument before it even started. Those searches will be there long after you stop declaring you so called human and constitutional rights.

  34. Buckster says:

    Well, thinking this through all the way, if a “prisoner” is detained, even though he may not have been “convicted”, if the system is working correctly, he was arrested for PROBABLE CAUSE!….unlike ME boarding a plane. C’mon, think these things through before you fire them out.

    1. James says:

      You can’t comprise you stance here! Just because one was charged of a crime that put them in jail doesn’t make them liable for subsequent searches without evidence they have committed another crime. If you go by the literal tem that you proclaim is accurate on “reasonable search” then the criminal can apply the same right that you are applying at airports.

      It seems to me you only want the so called human or constitutional right to apply to you when it is convenient and not based on its true meaning.

  35. Tim says:

    When you are subject to such a search, start moaning wildly every time they touch you. Shake, fall to the ground, and ask for more.

    If that happens a few times, the searches will cease.

  36. Jmac5280 says:

    For those demanding that they be molested for their own security remember, it is better to die a free man, than to live as either a coward or a slave. If anybody deserves to be charged with a felony it is theTSA agent.

  37. Loretta says:

    This woman is my new hero. Good for her1 I hope she sues the TSA and makes their inappropriate molestations huge news. Enough with the gestapo-like tactics. Enough of the fear mongering. Enough of the invasion to our privacy. Enough of the sexual harassment. The government/TSA has violated us on every level and it is time to stand up and say enough. I applaud this woman. Congratulations.

  38. Don says:

    James, right on.

    These people need to figure out that a pat down is not molestation. HOWEVER, grabbing a person’s breast and twisting it is.

    Besides, if you don’t like a pat down, go through the body scanner. I don’t understand how seeing an image with no body parts showing is a problem.

    1. Ringo says:

      mo·lest [muh-lest]

      –verb (used with object)
      1. to bother, interfere with, or annoy.

      2. to make indecent sexual advances to.

      3. to assault sexually.

      According to the 1st definition TSA searchers are molestation.

      1. Drew703 says:

        By that logic, so are mosquitos, traffic signals and most internet radio hosts…

      2. James says:

        Man Drew703 response that I have nothing to add but see Drew703’s response to that poor definition of molestation.

        Okay maybe I do: To keep in context of this discussion on molestation, it needs to have a sexual premise. You have to prove the person searching you was doing it for some sexual satisfaction. Seriously! When you have a line of about 100 people behind you to get through security, the last thing a TSA person is thinking about is satisfying some sexual need.

  39. Jim says:

    More people need to defend themselves from illegal touching by force.

  40. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

    Stop flying now. The only real power you have, collectively, is the power of the wallet. It’s the most comprehensive way to change the degenerate reality imposed upon you and your family. They will bend when you don’t spend. Just don’t do it.

    ————– http://911essentials.com

  41. James Town says:

    I am from England. My wife and I always took our skiing holidays in the US. Following a distressing experience at LA with your Immigration when visiting friends we decided never to return to the US. There are thousands more like us in the UK who have given up having holidays in what was our favourite destination.
    I can tell you that if authorities here tried to copy what you are experiencing at your airports there would be a public outcry and it would be swiftly overturned. It is sexual harrassment by any other name.

  42. GozieBoy says:

    Hurray, groping of TSA agents has now been de-criminalized. Get yourself a handful or two of TSA on your next trip!!!

  43. pat says:

    Same thing happened to my wife. She made a comment about TSA procedures. I was behind her and saw a woman smile, signal another, then walk over to a third. They instantly surrounded her and hassled her for minutes on end. Her offense was asking not to go through the naked picture machine.

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